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Where to eat in Florence?
This guide was written to tell you about Florence seen through Valentina’s eyes: she was raised having pappa al pomodoro for breakfast, bread, wine and sugar for afternoon snack, and trippa alla Fiorentina for dinner.
It is a guide written with love: for Florence and its history, its food and its culinary traditions that describe its essence is such an amazing way, that luckily has not been destroyed yet by mass tourism.
It’s a food guide that will lead you to authentic places, where you will be able to eat good food and enjoy Florence.

Only in this city: vinai and fiaschetterie
For every WithGusto guide you will find a selection of addresses that you can only find in a certain city: they are addresses that reflect a culinary speciality, or a gastronomic vocation that reflects tastes and culture of that place.
Here in Florence we selected the best small shops where you can buy mescita, which means buying the wine by the glass or the fiasco, and the vinai where you drink a glass of wine by eating a sandwich, or "semellino" (so was called the bread used by tripe sellers and vinai). And again: the best addresses in Florence where to eat lampredotto and tripe but also where to make aperitif with a view on different hotel terraces.

Our tips: the bond between Florence and food
Florence has a stronger bond with food than we may expect. Just think that the construction of Brunelleschi's Dome, the largest masonry dome ever built, is linked to a traditional recipe of Florentine cuisine, the Peposo. But also the birth of ice cream is linked to the monuments of Florence and the inventiveness of the famous Renaissance architect Bernardo Buontalenti. We have selected the secrets of the places in Florence that you cannot miss.

Dishes not to be missed, events, interviews
If you are in a hurry or just a weekend to visit a city, in every guide we give you the dishes and where to eat them: here we selected rice pudding, schiacciata alla fiorentina, ribollita, carabaccia soup, peposo, finocchiona sandwich, zuccotto and obviously the best places where to eat a tasty sandwich with tripe and lampredotto
We selected the most valid gastronomic events and we had a chat with a local and an expat, to explore the city from the point of view of someone was born there and someone who chose to live there.
We spoke with a journalist and gastronomian from Florence, Leonardo Romanelli and a blogger and content editor from Texas, Georgette Jupe Pradier.

An interactive gastronomic map
In our Florence WithGusto guide you will find an online map to consult while on the road: each icon features a type of address, from breakfast to cocktails, to allow you to choose your favorite destination depending on where you are.

What is WithGusto?
Travel With Gusto is a reference point for food travelers: it was created for people who are looking for nice experiences, and do not wish to be disappointed by the food eaten during their trip.
We publish guides and gastronomic tips written by the best Italian and international food writers.
We give practical advice for people who are hungry for good things at all times and want to enjoy every moment of their trip.
We explore cities looking for what makes us happiest: good food, above everything!
Learn more about us here www.travelwithgusto.it/en/ and on Instagram as @travelwithgusto.



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