31 Days to Mentalism



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31 Days to Mentalism



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It has been a few years since the publication of Modern Mentalism with its 3 Volumes and little time since the publication of Mentalism from A to Z.
In these volumes, techniques, psychology, tricks, ethics and much more have been explained about the world of mentalism.

This world is always immense as a heritage of creativity for which I wanted to publish this new guide with a different approach: not to mention particular techniques but making available to the reader only tricks of mentalism to be carried out immediately.

The aim is to create a real practical repertoire, to be performed immediately!
The proposed effects are simple, effective and easy to learn and execute.
This manual does not talk about psychological mentalism, or scientific, PNL, hypnosis, etc. but you will find methods that you will learn by performing the magic effects and some of which are quite unusual and therefore deserve to be known along with the more classic principles of the Mentalism.

The presentations are not specifically addressed, as their importance is vital for the tricks but, in my opinion, it is too personal to be "taught" so a few indications were provided only on how to present each effect, for example on the specific topic, (mind-reading, reading non-verbal language, etc.); leaving the interpreter free to adapt or create his own presentation based on his individual uniqueness as an artist and person.

The time has come to end the interminable rhetoric and to take action, or rather to tricks!

In this ebook you find:

Day 1: Guess what time is it!     
Day 2: Do you mind reading o do you magic tricks?        
Day 3: Subliminal response        
Day 4: Random words  
Day 5: We bet that I guess your card!   
Day 6: I know which color you're going to choose           
Day 7: I know which color sequence you will choose     
Day 8: I can read your mind       
Day 9: I know what Grandma's name is it           
Day 10: Bet with the spectators!             
Day 11: Thought at a distance   
Day 12: Colours association       
Day 13: Concentrate, I will tell you the serial number of the banknote you have in your pocket!            
Day 14: I know which postcard you will choose!              
Day 15: An impossible mind-reading!   
Day 16: Your 10 € have this serial number           
Day 17: Now stop joking!           
Day 18: See with the mind         
Day 19: No, that’s not just possible!      
Day 20: What drink do you want?           
Day 21: The Book of Secrets      
Day 22: Burned thoughts            
Day 23: Non-verbal language    
Day 24: Capture emotions         
Giorno 25: Smell like victory      
Day 26: The mystery of the banknotes
Day 27: Mental emotions           
Day 28: Guards and thieves       
Day 29: Telepathy with names 
Day 30: Predicting a thought card           
Day 31: Impossible numerical prevision!             
Equipment used             
And if you didn't know them...
The 5 Most Used Techniques in Mentalism       
Technique Nr. 2 – A Step Forward         
Technique Nr. 4 – Sleight-of-Hand         


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