Eight Girls and a Dog


Carolyn Wells


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Eight Girls and a Dog


Carolyn Wells



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Summer is here! Eight Girls and a Dog is an amusing story of eight young girls and their hyper dog who owns the name Timmy Loo. The chummy girls are the members of the Blue Ribbon Cooking Club. Timmy Loo, the adorable and cute dog, has a very big appetite and would always hunt for food. The girls agreed to take a vacation as they all pack their bags and stay at a summer home close to their beloved Uncle and Aunt. They encountered loads of playful and exciting activities like cooking and they enjoy pampering themselves. A fun and highly entertaining children's book. 

Carolyn Wells was best known for writing children's fiction, and when she started engaging herself into reading several of the mystery pieces of Anna Katharine Green, she decided to write peculiar mystery stories in the same style as Green did. 

Carolyn Wells was an American author and poet. She was born in Rahway, New Jersey, she was the daughter of William E. and Anna Wells. She passed away at the Flower-Fifth Avenue Hospital in New York City. 

Her husband, Hadwin Houghton, was the heir of the Houghton-Mifflin publishing empire created by Bernard Houghton. She also had a wonderful collection of poetry by other writers. She had a collection of poetry by Walt Whitman, which is said to be among the extremely critical of its class for its totality and infrequency, to the Library of Congress. 

Right after graduation, she became a librarian for the Rahway Library Association. She wrote her first book, At the Sign of the Sphinx in 1896, it was a set of charades. Her following works were The Jingle Book and The Story of Betty in 1899, a book of verse having the title, Idle Idyls in 1900. Then she wrote a number of novels and poetries.


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