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Everything you need to about dyslexia is right here.
You might know about someone who has dyslexia, or perhaps you have it yourself. It can be a strange thing if you are left wondering what it is and what to do with it. Some people might say or imply that you are just dumb or aren’t trying hard enough to read, spell, or do something literate. The truth is, though, that dyslexia is an completely diverse method of looking at reality, and even though it comes with some late educational disabilities and struggles, it can also be an inspirational, divergent way for the brain to construe matter and facts so as to create more success in life. Those with dyslexia use a different part of their brain, which often makes them geniuses at certain aspects, in specific professions, or when it comes to practical things. Thus, pushing them into a vocabulary, a language-based learning system, or pure literacy isn’t always the best choice. You will learn more about this, as well as:

  • What dyslexia is defined as and what the symptoms are, both cognitively and emotionally
  • Tips to recognize it faster and more accurately 
  • What influence the cerebral cortex and thalamus have on the mind of a dyslectic person 
  • Secreted powers and talents dyslectic people might have 
  • How to work with dyslectic kids and basic pointers for training and teaching them to control reading skills 
  • Some of the most significant speed-reading methods to apply 
  • Expert research conclusions from scientists and scholars 
  • Prosperous celebrities who dealt with their dyslexia and turned it around for undertakings 
  • The origin of dyslexia, the role of genes, and the boys-versus-girls ratio 
  • The six different types of dyslexia, and material about which ones are the most common 
  • And much more! 


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