Multiple Penetrations: 7-Book Bundle


Nixie Fairfax

Nixie Fairfax

Multiple Penetrations: 7-Book Bundle - Bookrepublic

Multiple Penetrations: 7-Book Bundle


Nixie Fairfax

Nixie Fairfax


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Seven toe-curling tales of women finding sexual bliss in the arms of multiple men.
Included are:
“Gangbanged on My Wedding Night” - When Jessica’s new husband passes out from too much champagne before they can consummate their marriage, she heads to the hotel bar to drink her disappointment away. There, she meets five sexy black bodybuilders whose brazen advances draw the horny young bride into a steamy interracial gangbang.
“Gangbanged by the Bullies” - Daphne is planning to surrender her virginity to her nerdy boyfriend Billy. But when she catches him with another girl, she gives herself instead to the three bullies who have made Billy’s life a living hell. Though at first she means only to get even with her cheating ex, she soon finds herself responding to the rough, dominating brutes in ways she never imagined.
“Double-Teamed by Strangers on My Wedding Anniversary” – Erika's husband was supposed to meet her at a pick-up bar for a simulated one-night stand to add some spice to their 10th anniversary. But after he calls to say he can't make it, the disappointed and super-horny wife finds herself succumbing to the charms of two hot strangers, and what was meant to be a night of role-playing soon turns into the real thing. Little does Erika suspect that all is not quite what it seems...
 “Blacked by the Football Team” – Impetuous coed Nessa has learned of a peephole through which she can watch her college’s hunky all-black football team shower after practice. But when she gets caught peeping by the team, the twelve brawny jocks give the petite blonde a lot more than just an eyeful of their hard, ebony bodies.
 “Shared with the Strangers” - Felicia has always had a fantasy of being bound and blindfolded and taken by anonymous men. Now with her husband Carter’s help she makes that fantasy a reality. She doesn’t know who the men are. She doesn’t know what they look like. She doesn’t even know how many there are. She knows only the incredible pleasure they give her as they have their way with her helpless body.
 “Gangbanging the Policewoman” – When police officer Alison barges in on an inner-city gangbang and the girl flees in alarm, the men want Ali to take the girl's place. Though Ali knows she shouldn't, she soon yields to temptation and surrenders herself to the five incredibly well-hung black men.
“That Night” - Strait-laced wife and mom Chieko Norberg has a secret: As a high-school cheerleader she got gangbanged by half the football team. She has worked hard to forget that shameful night, but an invitation to her ten-year class reunion reawakens feelings long suppressed. She knows she shouldn’t go, but she finds herself irresistibly drawn back to her hometown…and the brawny arms of the men who gangbanged her.
These stories are also available separately.



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