Organic Syntheses / An Annual Publication of Satisfactory Methods for the Preparation of Organic Chemicals


James Bryant Conant

Organic Syntheses / An Annual Publication of Satisfactory Methods for the Preparation of Organic Chemicals - Bookrepublic

Organic Syntheses / An Annual Publication of Satisfactory Methods for the Preparation of Organic Chemicals


James Bryant Conant


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This text is helpful in understanding the subject of organic chemistry.

THE publication of this series of pamphlets has been undertaken to make available in a permanent form complete detailed directions for the preparation of various organic chemical reagents. In announcing this purpose it may be well to mention at the outset some of the difficulties in the way of the research chemist, which it is hoped this series will be able to overcome. The cost of chemicals is prohibitive to the majority of chemists; this was true before the war when Kahlbaum's complete supply was available, and to-day with our dependence on domestic stocks, this cost has increased. The delay in obtaining chemicals, especially from abroad, even if the expense need not be considered, is an important factor. These difficulties have therefore thrown the research chemist on his own resources. The preparation of materials for research, always time consuming and annoying, is made increasingly so by the inexactness of the published information which so often omits essential details. Because of this, much needless experimentation is necessary in order to obtain the results given in the published reports. As the additional information thus acquired is seldom published, duplication of such experiments occurs again and again,— a waste of time and material. It is hoped these difficulties may be remedied by the publication of this series of pamphlets. In other words, the authors hope to make this a clearing house for the exchange of information as to methods of preparation of some of the most needed organic chemical reagents.

The organic chemicals herein discussed have been quite arbitrarily chosen, being those which have been needed in various research laboratories in the last years and for which the directions happen now to be ready for publication. The methods are in only a few cases new ones; they are in general the most satisfactory to be found in the literature. Only such details have been added as will enable a man with a reasonable amount of experience in organic chemistry to duplicate the results without difficulty. To be absolutely sure that each set of directions can be repeated, every experiment has been carried out in at least two laboratories. Only after exact duplication of the results in both laboratories are the directions considered ready for publication. The names of the chemists who have studied the various experiments are given so that further information concerning any obscure point can be obtained if any question arises in using these directions. And finally, in describing the experiments, special attention has been given to the explanation of why it is necessary to follow the directions carefully, and what will happen if these directions are not followed.


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