In View of Eternity


Victor F. Umejiego

Victors Publications

In View of Eternity - Bookrepublic

In View of Eternity


Victor F. Umejiego

Victors Publications


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Books which are stayers of the biblical truths of reality are so rare. The exposition concerning now and eternity can surely change or refine the course of our living! All things actually works for our good as the death of a beloved dad brought in answers and understanding to every of the questions and issues man ever faced concerning the eternal state of man’s existence.
Many of us had seen our parents at one time or the other snatched out of our lives by the cold hands of death. This is a mysterious story of a young man who went through warfare that his father die not until it became obvious to him that he was working against God’s will and needed to allow his father to go into rest. Five days after the glorious transition of the father the heaven became open to him that the mandate of this work may come forth.
How did he manage to encounter God at various seasons of his life as a young man? He detailed most of his encounter stories in the book while trying to connect our minds around the framework of man’s eternal existence and the type of Christian life we are all called to profess. His once upon a time suicide story before he encountered Christ and the life he later lived after his salvation will surely help many who are suffering depression, those who have suicidal thoughts and the multitude who want to give up in life.
In View of Eternity book with 13 chapters and other sub-chapters revolves around the following while trying to bring out the consciousness of eternity:

  • Revelations on death.
  • The resurrection of the dead.
  • The struggles of a dying dad and his son who sought after a good testimony for those in the world who are in search of hope in the midst of life problems.
  • The eternal rewards of every man who ever sojourned on earth.
  • The effects our lives can bring to those who are coming after us.
  • Resolving common issues on sex, discovering one’s purpose on earth, life battles and our career pursuits.
  • The triune nature of man, his formation and the spiritual realm surrounding man.
  • The exemplary life styles Jesus delivered to the Church.
  • Prophetic writings of some of the things God is doing, and going to do before the return of the Lord.
  • An insight on the new world prophesied by John in the book of Revelation.
  • The Lord’s urgent message to the Church on earth.


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