I Mind Controlled My Two Sisters


Amber FoxxFire

Amber FoxxFire

I Mind Controlled My Two Sisters - Bookrepublic

I Mind Controlled My Two Sisters


Amber FoxxFire

Amber FoxxFire


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…and turned them into raging, hormonal sex pots!

Seriously, I had never seen two women so desperate for sex in all my life!

They were literally throwing themselves at me the moment they were under my control. I’d never seen a bitch fight before, but when Sarah and Amy fought over me I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!


It was the damnedest thing. I'd never seen anything like it in my 24 years. I was a guitar player. Damn good one, too. But tuning my guitar one day led to a discovery that would change my life - and the lives of my two sexy sisters, Amy and Sarah.

"What's that God-awful sound?" My lovely, 18-year-old sex pot of a sister, Sarah stomped in, fingers in her ears and a devastating frown on her face.

I looked up from my tuning, perplexed. "What are you talking about? I've done this a thousand times."

"No you haven't!" She stood in front of me in nothing but sheer, lacy, bright pink panties and a halter-top that ended just below her pert little breasts. Apparently she'd been getting ready for bed, but something was disturbing her.

I stared at my sister for several minutes, not understanding what the problem was. Then I got it. I'd just bought a kickin' new amp off a friend and this was the first time I'd plugged it up.

Maybe it was defective or something.

"What...what exactly are you hearing that's bothering you?"

She shook her head and wobbled a bit on her feet. "I don't know, it's like something's invading my head. It really bothers me."

"Do you hear it now?" I asked, not even touching my guitar.

She nodded and pointed to the amplifier. "It's coming from there!"

I turned it off. "Still hear it?"

She shook her head, a flood of relief washed through her.

"What about now?" I turned it on, but at a very low volume. I could hear nothing, so I really didn't know what she was going on about. Maybe it was just her.

She nodded. "I hear it, but it's more tolerable."


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