Keto Pressure Cooker Cookbook 2019


Sussan Stiles

Impulse World

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Keto Pressure Cooker Cookbook 2019


Sussan Stiles

Impulse World


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Your keto journey has just been made easy. The Pressure cooker and Ketogenic diet are such a perfect match, enabling you to perfectly whip up your favorite keto meals effortlessly with big flavors. You can cook tender shredded beef or pork in less than 2 hours, in 30 minutes, you can cook a whole chicken to fall-off-the-bone…… make SPICY CHILI VERDE in less than 30 minutes....Prepare a whole SPAGHETTI SQUASH in 10 minutes… and lots more in few minutes. This keto pressure cooker applies a simple, speedy and effective cooking style by the pressure cooker into your keto lifestyle. With 100 recipes for every meal, from savory low-carb breakfasts meals and wholesome dinners to delicious high-fat desserts and healthy quick side dish and snacks.
This cookbook features complete guide to the Ketogenic diet, the keto basic, how it works, what is ketosis, how to get into ketosis, list of food allowed and disallowed on keto diet.
Nutritional information to keep macros balanced making it is easy to stay on track with the Ketogenic diet.
Comprehensive guide to cooking with a pressure cooker, tips, benefits, troubleshooting etc.
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