Make Me Gluten-Free... in 30 Minutes!


Nelly Baker

Red Herring Press

Make Me Gluten-Free... in 30 Minutes! - Bookrepublic

Make Me Gluten-Free... in 30 Minutes!


Nelly Baker

Red Herring Press


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In a gluten food funk? Take charge with this book and banish gluten from your life forever!

Gluten allergies are just the pits, right? Meals containing gluten can lead to acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, malnutrition, bowel cancer, osteoporosis, depression, anxiety, migraines and fertility problems.

This cookbook and lifestyle guide will change everything! Break free and start living life by following this guide to make your gluten allergy symptoms just a memory. You’ll be enjoying quick and easy gluten-free chicken , beef, fish, lamb, pork and vegetarian feasts in no time!

Click the buy button to take charge, break the gluten-sickness cycle and put taste back on your menu!

Want to cook delicious, healthy, gluten-free meals in ONLY 30 minutes or less?
Then THIS is the book for YOU! Make Me Gluten-Free… in 30 Minutes! will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about starting your new gluten-free lifestyle in … you guessed it, 30 minutes (or less)!

In addition, this beginner’s cookbook contains 30 simple and scrumptious original gluten-free recipes that I guarantee will take no more than 30 minutes to prepare!

Inside this book YOU’LL DISCOVER:

  • No medical jargon! This lifestyle guide/cookbook is written in clear, simple language that you can finish in just half an hour!

  • 30 simple step-by-step original gluten-free recipes and clearly-formatted easy-to-read cooking instructions

  • Your no. 1 key ingredient to success – you get a simple, clear understanding of gluten and why it makes you feel sick

  • How to beat gluten and NEVER suffer gluten sickness again

  • HOW TO AVOID the serious health conditions linked to celiac disease, including diabetes, heart disease and autoimmune diseases

  • A COMPLETE gluten-free diet how-to guide

  • A detailed list of gluten-free foods, including meats, dairy, safe grains and spices

  • Top answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about gluten intolerance

  • 30 easy, delicious Gluten-Free recipes that even beginners can cook in just 30 minutes

  • Everything you need to create BEAUTIFUL BEEF dishes, including my ‘Seattle Teriyaki Beefsteak Salad’, and ‘Red Alert Beef Curry’
  • recipes

  • CHICKEN DISHES that will have them begging for more, including my 'Alabama Sweet Chili Chicken’ and ‘Hawaiian Mango Chicken’

  • No-fuss FISH RECIPES which will hit the spot, including my ‘Grizzly Bear Salad’ and ‘Big Bayou Shrimp’ creations!

  • Recipe guides to create the PERFECT PORK dinner, including my ‘Frisco Pork with Golden Gateway Apple’ and ‘Wiseguy Pork Tenderloin’

  • SUCCULENT LAMB recipes that really work, including ‘Rocky Mountain Lamb Chops’ and ‘Mississippi Lamb Burgers’

  • Stress-free VEGETARIAN FEASTS, including my ‘Al Capone Risotto’ and ‘Gold Rush Stir Fry’ recipes!

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a copy of Make Me Gluten-Free… in 30 Minutes! and you’ll be feeling great and losing weight before you know it!


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