Summary: "The Island of Sea Women: A Novel" by Lisa See | Discussion Prompts


Summary: "The Island of Sea Women: A Novel" by Lisa See | Discussion Prompts - Bookrepublic

Summary: "The Island of Sea Women: A Novel" by Lisa See | Discussion Prompts



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Lisa See, the author of the New York Times bestselling novel The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, writes a new novel about family secrets and female friendship on one small Korean island. See’s new novel The Island of Sea Women is set on the beautiful island of Jeju in Korea. Young-sook and Mi-ja are best friends who hailed from very different backgrounds. When the two were grown up, they started working in the sea where the diving collective of their village worked. The group is composed of only women divers, and they are led by the mother of Young-sook. As the two friends take up their positions as the new divers, they begin a life of duty, excitement, and danger. The Island of Sea Women is a beautiful, provocative and thoughtful novel that sheds light on a world turned upside down. This world is led and dominated by women who courageously engage in dangerous physical work, while their men are in charge of caring for the children. The Island of Sea Women is another classic story by Lisa See that talks about the friendships that women share and the larger forces that ultimately shape them. Lisa See’s The Island of Sea Women introduces the readers to the dramatic history that shaped the lives of the fierce female divers of Jeju Island.

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