Vegan Keto-65+ High-Fat Plant-Based Recipes to Heal Your Body and Mind


Michele Ferris

Gina Morgan

Vegan Keto-65+ High-Fat Plant-Based Recipes to Heal Your Body and Mind - Bookrepublic

Vegan Keto-65+ High-Fat Plant-Based Recipes to Heal Your Body and Mind


Michele Ferris

Gina Morgan


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Imagine working really hard to lose weight, giving all of you to achieve your weight loss goals but only to regain the weight back again. It is a horrible experience which anyone doesn't wish for. MICHELE FERRIS perfectly delivers the best of two nutritional worlds in her new book, VEGAN KETO to help you achieve your weight loss goals permanently and stay healthy all through your whole life. This book offers a unique approach to harness the health and weight loss benefits of the ketogenic diet and bonds it with the vegan lifestyle. Michele lays bare the widespread myth that veganism contradicts the ketogenic diet and provides an alluring template to achieve optimal health and weight loss by eating a ratio of healthy and plant-based proteins. FERRIS provides more than 60 yummy recipes that are all free of meat, eggs, and dairy and are keto compliant. Her revolutionary new approach emphasizes a nutrient-rich nutrition plan sourced from whole, organic foods that are rooted in healthy fats with plant-based proteins that are lower in carbohydrates. She has created an enduring model that will enable those living a vegan lifestyle to achieve optimal health, lose weight effortlessly, and eliminate cravings for inflammatory foods. Vegan Keto is completely loaded with tips, and tricks for getting you started and staying on track. Whether your eating plan of choice is vegan/vegetarian, keto-tarian, or keto or you are just someone who loves good food and having a bit of fun in the kitchen, this book has something for you! If you have ever worried about lengthy, complicated recipe lists, expensive, flavorless food, and hard-to-find ingredients, in Vegan Keto you will discover keep it simple with easy-to-follow recipes using a reasonable amount of ingredients that can be easily gotten in your local supermarket. With this gorgeous selection of more 60 simple, delicious and fun recipes, beginners and long-time vegans alike will find plenty to keep them well-fed and inspired. The vegan diet is great for your health, bank balance, and the environment, so what are you waiting for? Dive in and discover these vegan delights.  Click the Buy Now Button!


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