The Keto Diet


Jack Powell

Raymond James

The Keto Diet - Bookrepublic

The Keto Diet


Jack Powell

Raymond James


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Jack Powell, the author and diet analyst, creates valuable time giving detailed report on the possibilities of attaining health, healing, weight loss, and joy via a keto-accustomed strategy with The Keto Diet: 47 Low Carb, Easy Ketogenic Recipes That Help Reduce Weigth & Fight Diseases.

Weight gain and health problems cannot be traced to dietary fat alone. Once a diet is very high in both healthy and natural fat, then you could help yourself burn unnecessary fat! The volume of calories and carbs matter to a great extent and needs to be given full consideration.

In the Keto Diet, you have access to Keto salads, breakfasts, and snacks that are all low carbs and calories, and the very moment  you begin preparing and eating your meals as described therein, you stand the chance of feeling energetic, strong, burning fat, and losing weight - and always not feeling deprived or hungry.

This is a guide to the keto way lifestyle. It displays how to adapt to and maintain paleo-friendly, low carbs, ketogenic diet -  and tons of healthy, nourishing recipes that includes Coleslaw, Roasted fennel and snow pea salad, Brussels Sprouts & Parmesan Cheese, Jarred Salad, Nice Caprese Snack, Feta & Spinach Scramble, French Pancakes, Baked Pancake With Onion & Bacon, Bacon Cheddar With Cornbread Waffles, French toast, Garlic Bread, Cheese Chips, Salad Sandwiches, Mummy Dogs, Cheese Puffs, Bread Twists, Seed Crackers, Spicy Roasted Nuts............

Gaining energy, losing weight, improving your health, and maintaining fitnesss cannot be overemphasized. The Keto Diet will help you 
achieve all this without limiting the volume of calories intake. You would have the access to the required resources to appreciate your body and give up your phobia of fat for the rest of your life!


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