Knocked Up And Birthing 5-Pack Vol 3


Jez Bestiality

Amber FoxxFire

Knocked Up And Birthing 5-Pack Vol 3 - Bookrepublic

Knocked Up And Birthing 5-Pack Vol 3


Jez Bestiality

Amber FoxxFire


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5 smoldering animal sex scenes, 5 human pregnancy scenes and 5 tender animal birthing scenes. These cross-species breeding stories are at once touching and extremely hot.

Come along on an erotic adventure of ordinary women who take animal sex just a couple steps further.

All animals are fair game!

Stories Included:

- Birthing The Stallion's Forbidden Foal
- Birthing The Stray's Puppies
- Birthing The Pit Bull's Pound Puppies
- Expecting The Rottweiler's Puppies
- Birthing The Lion's Cubs


I had a terrible darkness inside me. It ran through my blood like poison, warping my every waking thought.

At nineteen I had an insatiable appetite for sex, but I wasn’t like the other girls. Sure, we were all horny young things, dating the hottest guys in college we could find, but I had a wicked secret I couldn’t let the others know about. It tormented me; a depravity which ate me up every single day.

On the weekends I’d visit my dad on his ranch, which was forty miles out of town. He worked hard to keep up with the payments, using his collection of beautiful horses to bring in city kids. Charging ten dollars for a ride around the ranch and back roads, he made just enough to keep the power on.

But he was overworked…

During the week, he had to farm. It was tough on him and to cope, he often drank. I guess that was the reason mom divorced him and made me stay with her in the city. To her, he was a useless drunk; penniless and crazy to keep his dream of rural life alive. To me, though, daddy was a hero; a modern day cowboy who was cut from a different cloth than all the other fathers.

I loved staying with him and helping out. The horses were gorgeous, especially Duke. Duke was a huge black stallion, with a mane as soft as silk. When I came of age and first discovered sex, I’d watch intently at the way his cock would stiffen when daddy prepared to breed him with the mares. When Duke had done his thing, daddy would sell most of the foals to travelers. It was another way of bringing in much needed income. Every time he gave one away, though, I wept. If I could, I would have kept them all.

My darkness came out one night when I did something that made me feel both revulsion and excitement.


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