Simple Guide to Healthy And Delicious Recipes


David Albert

Raymond James

Simple Guide to Healthy And Delicious Recipes - Bookrepublic

Simple Guide to Healthy And Delicious Recipes


David Albert

Raymond James


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At any time of the day, begin with flavorful, tasty recipes with healthy ingredients from your slow cooker - saving you money, energy and time by serving delicious homemade breakfasts, lunch and dinner with David Albert's Healthy Slow Cooker Cookbook. Congratulations.
From Beef/Lamb/Veal Main Dishes, all through to the Vegetable Main Dishes and Sides, including other categories in between, the 102 recipes in this Cookbook will amaze you most especially if you are a busy person.
Kentucky Burgoo & chicken slow cooks with the combination of pork tenderloin, boneless fat-trimmed chicken breast, chicken stocks, peppers with some other veggies like thyme, bay leaf, tomatoes, cloves garlic, celery, carrots, onions and sweet potato. You want to include frozen corn and lima beans before stirring, and then cook again for additional 30 minutes to 1 hour, considering the fact that you must have precooked before getting to this stage. This recipe is not complete without the addition of cornstarch, you want to add some water before thoroughly mixing with the soup, cook further at low heat while uncovered for ten more minutes, remove from heat and then enjoy this tasty chicken stew.
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"Contains many easy and healthy recipes. Arrange all your ingredients in the slow cooker, prepare as instructed by the author, and enjoy at your own leisure time. My friend, Kate loves the flavors" - Henry Coleman

"We cannot but do without some of the recipes in our family. From the first day I came across this cookbook in the store, I knew it was very rich in content, and to my amazement, I found my favorites, including my loved ones, Well done David."
– Elizabeth Nancy

Here is a preview of other recipes you will learn……
Beef Roast with Vegetables,
Beef and Mushrooms,
Barbeque Beef with Sauces,
Bell Stuffed Peppers,
Healthy Slow Cooker Beef Chili Meatballs & Nan's spaghetti sauce,
Casserole & Cheese Turkey Breakfast,
Calico Beans & Bacon,
Baked Boston Beans with Mustards,
Refried Beans with Vegetables
Cowboy Beans & Turkey,
Cheese Potatoes & Bacon,
Unstuffed Cabbage with Ground Beef,
French Dip Sandwiches,
And much more........................................

Each of the recipes contains healthy ingredients, which are well detailed, comprehensive and simple to follow, in the introduction, you will come across some benefits of prepping with slow cookers.
The must-have slow cooker cookbook for health-conscious couples and busy professionals.


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