Helping My Mother Pay Rent


Charlie Flemming

Lot's Cave, Inc.

Helping My Mother Pay Rent - Bookrepublic

Helping My Mother Pay Rent


Charlie Flemming

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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Ben's mother needs more money from rent. She'll offer her own son sexual favors for extra money from his paycheck every week. But what happens after his sister catches them in a taboo act?

“Oh fuck!” Mom shouted, “Go SLOW!” But as I started fucking her ass she then shouted, “FUCK THAT! FUCK ME HARDER! FUCK YOUR MOTHER LIKE THE SLUT SHE IS!” I immediately started fucking her asshole even faster. I loved just how tight my mom’s ass was. I could tell I was going to cum really soon.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN HERE!?!” Someone shouted from the doorway leading into the kitchen. I glanced over and saw it was my sister Wendy standing in the doorway with her pretty mouth wide open staring at the scene before her. She must have parked her car in the garage next to Mom’s and had come in through the back door.

It must have been quite a sight for my sister. Mother-son porn at high volume on the TV and her own mother and brother having anal sex right in front of her. She was probably equally surprised that I kept fucking Mom even though Wendy was watching us with her eyes wide and mouth agape. I couldn’t help myself, “I’m sorry Wendy, but I need to cum!” I shouted at my shocked sister.

Mom was trembling with both lust and fear as her daughter watched her commit the greatest sin with her own son, “This isn’t what it, um, OH FUCKING GOD FUCK MY ASS HARD BEN! YOU ALWAYS FUCK ME SO GOOOOD!! Ahem, I mean, this isn’t what it looks like Wendy.” Mom told her daughter as I fucked her ass.

“Oh, and you aren’t fucking Ben while watching incest porn?” Wendy shouted at us, “Jesus, he’s your son, Mom!” I noticed that Wendy was staring right at my dick as I fucked our mother in the asshole. She didn’t seem to be able to look away and subconsciously she licked her lips as she watched the incestuous union before her. This was turning her on, realizing this was just what I needed to unleash my load of cum in our mother’s ass.



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