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Sporting & Athletic Goods World Summary


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The Sporting & Athletic Goods World Summary Paperback Edition provides 7 years of Historic & Current data on the market in about 100 countries. The Aggregated market comprises of the111 Products / Services listed. The Products / Services covered (Sporting & athletic goods manufactures) are classified by the 5-Digit NAICS Product Codes and each Product and Services is then further defined by each 6 to 10-Digit NAICS Product Codes. In addition full Financial Data (188 items: Historic & Current Balance Sheet, Financial Margins and Ratios) Data is provided for about 100 countries.

Total Market Values are given for111 Products/Services covered, including:


1. Sporting & athletic goods manufactures
2. Sporting & athletic goods manufactures
3. Fishing tackle & equipment
4. Fishing rods, all types
5. Fishing reels, all types
6. Fishing rod & reel combinations
7. Fish hooks (incl snelled hooks)
8. Fishing casting plugs, spinners, spoons, flies, lures & similar artificial baits
9. Fishing tackle boxes
10. Other fishing equipment, incl creels, fish & bait buckets, floats, furnished lines, sinkers, snap swivels, etc
11. Fishing tackle & equipment, nsk
12. Golf equipment
13. Golf balls
14. Golf clubs, irons
15. Golf clubs, woods
16. Other golf equipment incl bags, carts for carrying golf bags, excl shoes & apparel
17. Golf bags
18. Other golf equipment (carts for carrying golf bags, shafts sold as such, tees, etc), excl shoes & apparel
19. Golf equipment, nsk
20. Playground equipment
21. Home playground equipment, incl swing sets, slides, seesaws, sandboxes, etc
22. Institutional & commercial playground equipment, heavy-duty (incl swings, slides, etc)
23. Playground equipment, nsk
24. Gymnasium & exercise equipment
25. Gymnasium & gymnastic apparatus & equipment (parallel & horizontal bars, balance beams, trampolines, mats, etc)
26. Free weight lifting equipment (incl belts, benches & weights)
27. Cross-country ski exercisers
28. Training units (multi-and single-station) & home gyms
29. Treadmills
30. Gliders & riders
31. Other exercise, health and physical fitness equipment
32. Other health, physical fitness & exercising equipment (rowing machines, slant-boards, ab exercisers, etc.)
33. Gymnasium & exercise equipment, nsk
34. Other sporting & athletic goods
35. Billiard & pool tables
36. Billiard & pool supplies (such as balls, cues, etc.) sold separately
37. Bowling alleys & bowling pinsetters
38. Bowling balls
39. Surfboards & sailboards
40. Water skis
41. Underwater sports equipment (SCUBA) & skindiving equipment, excl watches & cameras
42. Bicycle helmets
43. Helmets
44. Other sports helmets, excl football, motorcycle, auto racing & bicycle
45. Other bowling alley playing supplies (incl pins, etc)
46. Baseballs / softballs / cricket balls
47. Body protective equipment for all sports (masks; shoulder, chest, knee & kidney pads; etc), excl helmets
48. Football, baseball & soccer equipment, nec (incl track, field & miscellaneous athletic field equipment)
49. Wading pools & other above-ground swimming pools less than 15 ft in diameter, not filtered
50. Above-ground swimming pools 15 ft in diameter or more, filtered (completely manufactured)
51. Other sporting & athletic goods
52. Ball game mitts & gloves
53. Wood bats
54. Metal & Composite bats
55. Footballs
56. All inflatable athletic balls other than footballs (incl basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, etc.)
57. Tennis equipment, excl clothing, shoes & nets
58. Racquetball rackets & racquetballs
59. Archery equipment
60. Ice & ice hockey skates
61. Traditional roller skates (quads)
62. Inline skates
63. Wooden & plastics skateboards (incl complete sets)
/.. etc.


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