No Mercy (Unprotected!) (Taboo!) (Savage!)


Baby Angie

Lot's Cave, Inc.

No Mercy (Unprotected!) (Taboo!) (Savage!) - Bookrepublic

No Mercy (Unprotected!) (Taboo!) (Savage!)


Baby Angie

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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Five (5) stories about fertile, young girls who won't stop until they feel their BIOLOGICAL fathers stretch them out and fill their unprotected womb with the 'daddy seed'. From licking their father's pisshole to nibbling on the nutsack, there isn't anything these teenage girls won't do!!! (Unprotected!) (Taboo!) (Savage!)

> Daddy, I Really Need It!
“Daddy, please, let me suck on your cock; please!”
Without a word, daddy removed his fingers from my ass and clit and stood up to unzip his shorts. As soon as the zipper was down, his thick cock popped out. And there it stood, in all its glory, daddy’s uncircumcised cock. It was more beautiful than I could have imagined.

Even as he pulled down his shorts and took them off, I kept my eyes fixed on the prize. His gorgeous cock was what I had always wanted. The gland was halfway out of the foreskin and there was a drop of precum leaking out. His balls were so heavy with cum, I almost lost it just thinking of his baby seed spraying my womb.

“Let me go get a rubber.”

“NO! Don’t you dare! Take me now, daddy, breed me!” I reached up as only a young 18-year-old girl could and began to stroke his cock. The speed I displayed must have stunned him because he just stood there, looking down at me, not saying or doing anything.

“Oh daddy, you smell and taste so good! You have no idea how long I’ve waited to have you.”

He threw his head back and groaned as I stuck the tip of my tongue into his piss hole and then, when I pulled his foreskin all the way back, exposing his head, he yelled out as my tongue began to lick about the rim of his helmet.


I didn’t say anything; I just continued to lick his head and lap up his delicious smegma; there was so much! I was like a kid in a candy store.

“Daddy, I just love the way your dick cheese taste! I’ve got to have it every day now!”

Just then, as I brought the tip of my tongue back to his piss hole, daddy unleashed a monstrous explosion of cum. I mean, he literally drenched my face and hair with his cum. I had no idea a man could contain so much sperm in his balls.

“OH SHIT, I’M CUMMING!” He yelled out even as he gripped the sides of my head, keeping me firmly affixed to his cock. I loved it.

After about 10 spurts, he finally stopped and it was all I could do to manage. There was cum all over my face, a shot even hit my eye, but I didn’t give a shit because I had what I had always wanted. Daddy’s cock in my mouth and a taste of his dick cheese.

“Shit, that was the best blowjob ever!” He sounded exhausted. His approval made me both proud and horny.

“Daddy, I want you to take my virginity with your uncircumcised cock. Please!”



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