Mom Held My Sisters Down As I Raped Them


Amber FoxxFire

Amber FoxxFire

Mom Held My Sisters Down As I Raped Them - Bookrepublic

Mom Held My Sisters Down As I Raped Them


Amber FoxxFire

Amber FoxxFire


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It was a long car ride - out into the middle of the forest. Mom was driving me and my two sisters way out in the middle of nowhere.


We were soon to find out…


What started out as a very average, ordinary day took a very wicked - and exceedingly hot - twist. See, my two sisters - Veronica and Jezabel - were still fresh virgins. I knew this because mom was always harping on them to find guys and get laid.

But I think secretly they were both lesbians.

So mom, my sisters and I all piled in the car as mom hinted that she had a surprise planned for us.

None of us knew that that "surprise" entailed mom holding Jez down down in the backseat while I raped their virginity away.

"Where are we going?" Veronica, my raven-haired sister brushed aside a lock of curly hair and squinted.

We'd been driving for what seemed like hours, passing pretty much the entire city.

"We're almost there..." Mom glanced back into the rear-view mirror, a wide grin plastered on her pretty face.

"Well, I hope we hurry up, I've got a class in a couple hours." My 18-year-old other sister, Jezabel, harrumphed, folding her long, slender arms across her well-endowed chest.

Both sisters were extraordinarily hot. Veronica had those exotic, sultry, mysterious looks that took my breath away every time I looked at her. Jezabel was no less hot. Perfect blonde bombshell. They both had large breasts, though Jez's were a bit bigger.

Long legs, piercing green eyes, flat tummies and impish grins. In many ways they were like twins.

"Don't worry about your classes, honey. I've called you out. You're not going to need them anymore."

Both sisters gasped and glanced worriedly at each other.

That was the first clue that something strange was going on.


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