Rampage Of The Wrestling Robber


Fricatrice Van Dyke

Lot's Cave, Inc.

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Rampage Of The Wrestling Robber


Fricatrice Van Dyke

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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Muffy Butterbiscuit is a lesbian bimbo, a politically correct feminist, a spoiled brat, and a rookie masked crime fighter. She realizes she's met her match after a female bodybuilder goes on a mugging rampage. Every time Muffy battles this fiend, she's been wrestled down, spanked mercilessly, and must suck her enemy's huge clit. Will her losing streak never end? Despite her pathetic fighting skills, Muffy plots to make the she-brute submit.

She replied, "Two of three, I say so! I love wrestle!" She grasped me around my waist, put a leg behind mine, and pushed me backward. I would've hit my head if she hadn't set me down gently. Then she flipped me face down and put me in a headlock. She laughed and began to wiggle her pelvis. "Who big, tough crime fighter now?"

"Mercy!" I begged. I tapped on her leg.

She let me go. "You weakling. You no even try hard. You know what is penalty." The Wrestling Robber picked me up and carried me to a bench. I knew very well what was going to happen.

"Can you go easy this time?"

"Nyet!" Try as I might, I just couldn't make out her exotic accent. Maybe she was French or something.

Then the burly, muscle-bound woman bent me over her knee. She flipped up my combat miniskirt and pulled down my panties. I braced myself. Again and again, she smacked my bare ass with brutal strikes. Her bare hand felt as hard as the paddle the nuns used in Catholic school, before I got expelled for immorality and paid someone to take a GED for me. But the Wrestling Robber was a lot stronger than those penguin ladies. I could see the urban campers across the street and hear their laughter. This was totally not funny!

"You weak like little girl!" she said. She kept spanking me while I yipped like a puppy with her every strike. By now, I'm sure my butt cheeks were beet red. As the heat spread across my burning buns, I couldn't help notice that I was getting turned on. From this angle, I got a good look at her legs, rippling with hard muscles.

Then she lifted me up and carried me into an alley. She pointed to the ground by her feet. I knew the drill by now.

I got on my knees. This was my favorite part of my losing streak. "So you want me to deep throat that ten inch clitoris, don't you?"

"Is only ten centimeters."

"Like, what's the difference?"

"Shut up. You give head, little bitch. Now!"



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