Dark Love - Box Set


Melody Adams

Love & Passion Publishing

Dark Love - Box Set - Bookrepublic

Dark Love - Box Set


Melody Adams

Love & Passion Publishing


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Dark Love Series Box Set

My Dark Captor
When I stumble in Iwan Nowikow’s path, my life, as I knew it is over. He sees something in me he wants, so he takes it by kidnapping me. He hurts me and gives me pleasure. He awakens a dark side in me; I never knew I had. I hate him and I crave him. He is my dark captor.
When I see Sophia, I want her, so I take her. I'll make her mine in every way. I crave to hurt her and I want to devour her. I know what I am. I am a monster und sweet Sophia deserves better. But that doesn't keep me from taking what I crave. Her tears, her cries and her devotion.
My Dark Tormentor
The memory of Iwan falling to the ground is imprinted in my brain. But no matter how much I protest against Iwan's bodyguards driving me from the scene to an unknown future, the armored limousine rolls on and on. I don’t know what will happen to me now. I don’t know if I'll ever see Iwan again. The man who abducted and tortured me is probably dead and instead of feeling relief, I feel a deep loss that breaks me break apart.
It's no fun to be shot. When the second bullet knocks me down, I know my life is forfeit. My only consolation is that my Sophia is safe. I see the limousine move away from the scene. My men will take care of her. I just wish I had confessed to her how much I love her. This is my only regret before the world around me turns black.
My Dark Lover
I was kidnapped from my own wedding. I don't know what my kidnappers want with me, and if I'll ever see Iwan again. When Iwan finally comes to my rescue, I don't know yet that I could lose him forever.
Not knowing where Sophia is and what she's going through almost drives me insane. Nothing stops me from finding answers and saving my girl. Once again I have to show how unscrupulous I can be when it comes to saving the love of my life. But when I finally get her back I have to realize that I am perhaps the greatest danger for her. There is only one way out to protect her from my beast forever. It will destroy her, but eventually she will realize that it was for her own good.



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