Samantha's Maui


A.J. Mayes

Lot's Cave, Inc.

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Samantha's Maui


A.J. Mayes

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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Samantha is not looking forward to her trip. Maui was her mom’s idea of how she should cope with ending her engagement a few weeks earlier. On the plane to the island, she meets Jon, and feeling instant attraction to him, wonders if a little tryst is on her horizon. Over the next two weeks, they spend every minute together and love develops.

“Jesus, mom … did you have to send a Greek God to tempt me?”

“Did you say something, doc? I missed it.”

“Nothing important … just thanking my mom for sending you.”

“I’m gonna kiss mine when I see her.” His eyes roamed over the tiny blue triangle struggling to cover her mound. “Doc, you make that bikini bottom look fantastic. Where’s the top?”

“Right here, silly.” She pointed to tiny patches barely covering her nipples. “You like?”

“Oh, yeah. Get over here.”

She crawled onto the lounge next to his, and placing her elbows on the cushion, pushed her ass out, wiggling it. Jon’s eyes narrowed. “You’re killing me, doc.”

“Who me? I’m just stretching here.”

“Yeah, right. Like you didn’t intend to make me hard.”

“Ooh. Did I do that?”


Jon pulled Sam on top of him, covering her mouth with his. Her heart pumping hot blood through arteries, she moaned. He shifted them to the edge of the lounge, and wrapping her arms around his neck, locked her legs behind his waist as he stood. Feeling like a feather in his arms as he covered the distance to the suite, she nibbled his ear. “Guess we’re not waiting ‘til after dinner?”


“Good. I need you in me.”

He gently set her on the bed, and untying the top, she arched her hips as he pulled the bikini bottom down her legs. Watching his fingers unbutton his shorts, she licked her lips, and seeing his enormous, swollen shaft, sucked in a breath. “Oh, my God. Fuck me.”

“Plan to, doc.”

“Hurry … I’m dripping here.” She gazed into his fiery eyes, knowing hers mirrored his. “No time for foreplay, mister … just hammer that monster in and fuck me to death.”
Crawling onto the bed, he hooked his arms under her knees and leaning forward, invaded her with a hard, desperate thrust. The force pushing air from her lungs, she sucked oxygen in, losing it again as he hammered his cock back in. Taking quick short breaths in between his savage strokes, she finally managed to fill her starved lungs as the first convulsions raced through her body. “Jesus Christ. Don’t stop.”

“Don’t plan to. God, you’re so tight.”

“Shut up and fuck–––oh, God, yes.”



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