Dreams Of Daddy


Desiree Andichi

Lot's Cave, Inc.

Dreams Of Daddy - Bookrepublic

Dreams Of Daddy


Desiree Andichi

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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Three short stories of taboo erotica. A girl's first time at the hands of her father, a girl's experience after her father blindfolds her, and her experience after sneaking into his bed after a bad dream.

My breathing deepens slightly with excitement, still pretending to be asleep, fearing if I wake you will stop and the ache burning between my legs will go unanswered and unfulfilled. I then feel your hand brush over the top of my pussy. The warmth of your hand lightly stroking my bald pussy not yet touching my pussy lips.  I shift my legs wider continuing to pretend to be sleeping. Keeping my eyes closed breathing deep to seem like I'm still sleeping. Hoping you don't stop feeling an ache inside me grow. Your hand stops again for a moment before I feel your hand brush over the lips of my pussy gently. Your fingertip dipping very slightly between them knowing you feel the wetness. I hear the towel drop from around you and feel the bed dip as you sit next to me.

I feel you lean over me your lips brushing over my nipple softly barely touching it. Your hand barely covering my other breast cupping it so very gently squeezing it before your fingertips slide down my stomach then down the outside of my thigh then up again brushing over my pussy again. Feeling your hand glide over my pussy as it gets even wetter from your touch. I peek slightly, my eyes opening barely wanting to see you. Watching you lick that fingertip that is soaked from the wetness of my pussy. Your hand gently spreading my legs apart more as you move yourself onto your knees between them.

Your fingers sliding over my pussy again you grasp your cock with your other hand you stroke it, moving your cock inches from my pussy.



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