Born To Suck No.1


R.m. Dexter

Lot's Cave, Inc.

Born To Suck No.1 - Bookrepublic

Born To Suck No.1


R.m. Dexter

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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Orphan Joey is lucky enough to find his first "cum-feeder", Mr. Jarvis, the senior counselor at the group home to which he's been assigned. Just as the older man starts teaching Joey exactly what he needs, he's plucked from the home and sent to live with his long-lost aunt and uncle. Fortunately, he's taken under the wing of the handsome ranch-hand, Sven, who more than adequately fills in as Joey's new supplier of the nectar he so badly craves.

“Well, just to be on the safe side, I think you should start taking some extra vitamins on a regular basis,” he said as he leaned forward and started to slide open the top left-hand drawer of his desk.

“Uh….okay. If you think I should, Mr. Jarvis.”

“I do Joey. I think that would be the best thing for you,” he said with a smile as he lifted a clear plastic cup out of the drawer. As he moved around the desk and held it in front of him, I could see a milky-white liquid moving about slightly in the bottom of the cup. The medicine looked pretty thick and creamy and I could even see a couple of drops of it sticking to the inside of the clear plastic. He must have dropped those there when he poured it into the cup for me. He came right around the desk and held the cup out towards me.

“Here you go, Joey,” he said as he handed me the cup and then perched himself on the front edge of the desk. “This medicine is high in vitamins and protein. It’s just the thing for a boy like you.”

“Thank you sir,” I said as I took the cup in both hands and looked down into it. I could see close up that the liquid was not a smooth white color; it was kind of pearly with almost swirls of some clear areas and then some thicker looking whiter areas. As I held it right in front of my face, it had a very subtle fragrance. It didn’t smell like anything I’d smelt before; it smelled…..I don’t know….kind of warm and comforting almost. I sniffed again and tried to identify the scent. I held the cup up to my nose again and took another good long sniff. I liked the different feeling I was getting as the distinctive new scent filled my senses. I could feel my eyes close peacefully as I breathed deep one more time and let the peculiar smell settle right on my tastebuds.

“C’mon, Joey, drink it up now, son,” Mr. Jarvis said as he looked at me intently. “We don’t want you to get sick now, do we?”

“No sir,” I said as I brought the small plastic cup up to my lips. I could feel his eyes on me as I tipped the glass up. I looked down into the cup and could see the thick creamy liquid start to slide sluggishly toward my mouth. As the leading edge started to settle on my tongue, I was surprised to find that it was slightly warm, almost at body temperature. I had expected it to be cold. As I tipped the cup up a little higher, one big gob of the gooey medicine slid forth right onto my tongue. I lowered the cup and closed my mouth. I let the warm viscous fluid slide around inside my mouth as I savored the new taste. It was just a little bit salty and tasted….I don’t know….the word “musky” came to mind. It wasn’t unpleasant at all and I liked the taste as well as the smooth silky texture. I savored the new sensation of the thick creamy liquid as I slid it around my mouth and let the new flavor settle on my tastebuds.

“How do you like that, Joey?” Mr. Jarvis asked as he watched me intently. I looked up at him and swallowed to let him know I was getting the medicine into me like he wanted.



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