Daddy's Little Girl


A.J. Mayes

Lot's Cave, Inc.

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Daddy's Little Girl


A.J. Mayes

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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Skylar is a young woman just out of college, and she’s on a mission to seduce her dad. She quickly convinces Alex that they are meant to be together, and they quickly embark on a journey of depraved incest. She discovers she loves anal sex and pain, and when her Uncle Eric becomes involved, the men introduce her to the BDSM lifestyle, and her love for her dad and uncle growing, the incest runs wild.

“Fuck. You scared me, dad.”

She started to say more but stopped when she noticed the fire in his eyes, set jaw, and the hand rubbing his hard cock through the denim. She held his gaze, praying this was the moment her deepest fantasy came true. The burning desire palpable, their eyes locked together for over a minute, an eternity to her. She heard his gravelly voice, the words slightly slurred. “Take the top off, firecracker. I need to see your tits.”

“Anything for you, daddy.”

Her heart pumping adrenaline to every corner of her body, she slowly pulled the tattered top over her head, twisted her aroused nipples more erect, and gave him a sly smile. “Like ‘em, daddy?”

“They’re... perfect.” Alex swallowed hard. “Take the panties off.”

Her heart bruising her chest, she took a deep breath. You can do this, Skylar. She slipped fingers under the waistband, pushed the lace down her legs, and dropped the panties on the deck. Trembling, she spread her legs, eyes focused on his as she massaged her swollen nub. “I shaved for you, daddy. I’m smooth like when I was a little girl.”

“My God.” He rubbed his erection harder. “I want to touch you... down there.”

“I want you to.” She gazed into his smoldering eyes. “But I want to see your big cock first. Please, daddy, take your clothes off.”

“Fuck. I’m going straight to Hell.”

“I’ll ride the elevator down with you. We’re doing this. Show me.”

He shook his head and pulled his polo off. Her pounding heart deafening her, she watched him pull his boots and socks off, and took a breath as he unbuckled his belt. Her eyes glued to the outline of his cock while he unzipped the jeans, she trembled as blood rushed to her face.
He stopped and looked at her. “Are you sure, firecracker? We can’t take this back.”

“I’ve wanted this for so long, daddy. I’m sure.”

“God forgive me.”

He pushed his jeans down, and seeing his swollen erection, she sucked in a breath. Her eyes wide, she ran her tongue over her lips. “Oh, my God. Daddy, your dick is enormous.”

“It’s a curse. Most women can’t handle it.”

“I’m not most women. Please, daddy, touch my pussy.”

He knelt beside the lounge, and she reached over, cupping his smooth balls. His fingers grazed her slit. “God, you’re wet.”

“You made me wet. Finger me. Oh, shit.”

She gasped when a long digit slid inside, then another, her fingers digging into his balls as pleasure signals rocketed along the highway of her nerves. He drove his fingers in and out, and powerless to slow the spasms, she yelled, “Yes. Shit. Fuck. Harder, daddy. Yes. Oh, God. Fuck.”

“Scream for me, firecracker.”

“Don’t stop, daddy. Oh, no. Yes. Yes. Fuck, yes. Shit.”



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