Nichole's Incest Lair


Rooster Savage

Lot's Cave, Inc.

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Nichole's Incest Lair


Rooster Savage

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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Nichole and Jake renewed their brother-sister incest relationship of ten years ago. Naturally, in order to have privacy, they bought a small apartment. Now it was time for a little brother-sister housewarming party! And Nichole, growing hot and set, bathed in strategically placed red lights, was ready to really, really spoil her older brother's ten-inches-long manhood!

Nichole was wearing a white skirt suit. The skirt was quite short, showing her perfect legs in black pantyhose. Her blonde hair was tied back in a bun. Looking at Jake, smiling at him, growing hot at the sight of his masturbation, her hips slowly swaying at the soft music coming from a stereo, Nichole unbuttoned her jacket. She did it slowly, teasing her brother, one button at the time. She spread her jacket, showing a black shirt beneath. The shirt was tight. On purpose. Her full rounded breasts threatened to burst through.

Jake moaned. The up-and-down movement of his right hand grew faster.

No, Nichole said to herself with a sense of urgency. She knew what was about to happen. Her brother will ejaculate in several minutes! All that seed accumulating in his balls will erupt in vain, showering all over his body.

And that was something Nichole had no intention of allowing! No, sir!

Dropping the jacket on the softly carpeted floor, Nichole catwalked to her brother, her hips swaying. She went down on her knees, still dressed. She placed her hands on her brother’s knees. She licked her lips. Smiling at his tormented face, she bent forward.

Nichole placed a long, wet kiss on the tip of Jake’s trembling cock.

“Oooh,” he moaned softly.

Nichole trembled herself. Her pussy was getting moist. She licked drops of precum oozing from the small opening on the tip of Jake’s cock. She run her tongue across the shiny head.

Jake wanted to rise, but Nichole pushed him back into the armchair.

“Relax,” she purred. Her big brother, knowing well what is good for him, obeyed. Nichole took his long vibrant cock between her hands. She caressed it gently with her palms. Then she wrapped the fingers of both her hands around the shaft and continued stroking his prick.

“Let me fuck you,” Jake moaned.

“No”, Nichole refused. “It would be a short fuck. And I don’t like short fucks.”

“I’ll come,” he pleaded, sighing at the gentle tricks Nichole played with her hands on his man meat.

“Come,” Nichole urged him. “I want to spoil this big boy in my hands. I want you to come. I want you to spill your seed. So when you ram this big, hard cock of yours into my cunt, you will last. I want you to last,” she was looking straight into his eyes, her soft words rolling down her full, sexy lips. Jake knew well enough what these lips were capable of, and his cock grew even harder. His sister kneeling before him was turning into a horny slut. He guessed she was all wet already.

He was right.



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