Born A Free Spirit


Harshita Gottipati

Harshita Gottipati

Born A Free Spirit - Bookrepublic

Born A Free Spirit


Harshita Gottipati

Harshita Gottipati


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"Beautiful is every fragment of this transcendence,
As it carefully mimes the reality of an imagination,
It’s a scene unfolding on the surface, nesting chaos within."

What’s so great about love? Simple, it’s a blissfully powerful emotion that rules our lives.

What’s so great about being in love? It did funny things to me, and out came these beautifully framed poems.

Come share this magic with me. Magic of love, grind of a pain and the pleasure of reconnecting with oneself.  

Born A Free Spirit is about a woman falling in love. A colorful world of butterflies turned into a tight knot in her stomach during a break-up, she picks herself up. Deciding to stay afloat, she journeys a path of self-acceptance and falls in love with nature.

This poetic journey is of a woman who believes that one cannot have a complete life if they just stay and go with the usual norms.    

During the toughest of the times while battling within self and when being misunderstood by others, these words were of the strongest support, comfort and strength. Hopefully, they would help the reader find their inner strength, add another perspective to the emotions within, lead to self-understanding and live a better life.            

This is a celebration of love, sorrow and nature – and everything in between.

"Making me wonder if the paper plane got lost in the storm of the noise.
Making me wonder if the dart hit the eye or missed to fall off the board.
Making me wonder if the paper boat couldn't adjust its sails to kiss the ocean well."


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