Pay Attention To Me, Mom


Angel Scott

Lot's Cave, Inc.

Pay Attention To Me, Mom - Bookrepublic

Pay Attention To Me, Mom


Angel Scott

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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Wonder what happens when someone does not get the attention that they deserve? Will come join this tale of a son who goes far out to get the attention that his mother would not give him years before.

Mason just shook his head. He couldn’t believe what was happening right now. He watched as his best friend moved his body upward and thrusted against Mona’s body. Mason still felt horny and wanted the attention as well. So, he did what Max said. He moved over to Mona and grabbed his cock. He inserted it into the ass a little bit and then moved out of it. Mason would have to tease the ass for a short while so that it did not feel uncomfortable for Monique.

Changing positions always feels annoying to Mona because it can make you a little limp or feel less horny. Right now, Mona wasn’t sure what to feel as her own son thrusted against her vagina. The cock moved deep inside and back out again at a steady pace. The poking around on the backside started to feel a little kinky for Mona. The cock moved in a little bit and back out again. In and out. Mona still felt horny as fuck, so she liked the cocks going into her private parts.

“I will be on top so that I do all of the work this time around Mona.”

“Okay, sounds good, Mason.” The cock went in and out a little way. She could feel the juices start to form inside of her ass. It wouldn’t be long now before she could enjoy the cock going into her ass. She didn’t mind anal sex, just as long as it got teased ahead of time. Both cocks moved in and out of the vagina and ass at a steady pace.

Mason thrusted against the ass in a steady pace. His cock inched its way into the ass in a slower pace. He liked anal and felt glad that he fucked Mona in both holes now. His cock eased in and out of the ass. In and out.

“Play with my titties, Mason!” Mona exclaimed.

Mason didn’t mind being told what to do. With his free hand, Mason moved his had to the front of Mona and grabbed onto that titty that he liked. He fondled it with his hand and then traced his fingers around the entire breast. His cock still moved in and out of the ass in a steady and slow pace.

Mona never felt any sexual feelings towards her son, even though he looked hot with his go-tee and slender figure. She figured that doing the dirty deed would be illegal and it needed to stop right now.

“This is illegal son. Stop!” Mona yelled.

“I don’t think its illegal, mom. I won’t stop. It’s the least you can do for me mom. Pay attention to me for once in your pathetic life.” Max thrusted against his mother’s pussy. His cock moved in and out of the pussy. The juices flowed over top of Max’s cock and he liked it.

A small moan escaped Mona’s mouth as she watched her son thrust against her. Her stomach did flip-flops as she watched her son reach for her ass and smack it. She liked the spanking. The cock still moved deep inside of her dripping pussy.



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