Publishing Is a Nightmare


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Publishing Is a Nightmare


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Yes, you can make money self-publishing books. What do you think I'm doing now by putting this book out there?

However, it's not easy. In fact, it's super stressful, heart-breaking, frustrating, and sometimes bordering insanity. The fake reviews, the high volume, the corrupted companies that own monopolic market shares... it all adds up. And then, if you expect to get paid and they suddenly decided to "investigate your account" and steal all your royalties, you need some kind of therapy. That therapy is writing it all down in a book.

May Azoo's sins be exposed to the infernal depths of hell. May they rot in their filth and the income they have stolen from thousands and thousands of hardworking dropshippers, publishers, and more honest competitors. May the taxes we paid and they have received by playing evasive games be the nails to their coffin. The truth has been buried long enough. Each year, their sins of greed grow, and their insatiable, ruthless desire to crush their competitors and the very people who helped them grow their evil empire, expand. 

I wish you well in your publishing and business endeavors. May these stories and warning signs guide you to estimate where the boundaries are, what you can get away with, and what will get you into trouble. 

Written by a fulltime publisher who has achieved six figures in revenue for 4 consecutive years with online book-pumping, and in which 4 years 3 years were six figures in profit. Learn from the best. Go through hell and you will achieve the rest. Don't be shocked. Good luck.


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