My Experience with the Holy Spirit


patrick Usifo

patrick usifo

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My Experience with the Holy Spirit


patrick Usifo

patrick usifo


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Ready to encounter the Holy Spirit with a life-changing experience? Often at church services, hearing the same messages, but lacking the miracle-working power of our Lord Jesus in your life? Wondering if the same power of the HOLY SPIRIT is available today?  Are you hungry and thirsty for more of the Holy Spirit in your life? Are you intimate in your relationship with the Holy Spirit? Do you have a scriptural basis for the Person of the Holy Spirit?  Seeking for the same extraordinary power of the Holy Spirit to flow through you here and now? Be comforted, you can trade off your dry theology for a dynamic relationship with the Lord.  As in the day the author encountered the Spirit of God in a spectacular way. 
In my experience with the Holy Spirit, he has brilliantly blended spirituality with the application by investigating the manifestations of spiritual gifts. As a biblically rooted, pastorally sensitive, and well-informed introduction to some of the basics of Christian supernatural. Patrick has brought clarity to spiritual matters, as he edges believers towards experiencing discernment and doubters toward experiencing the Holy Spirit. Not just at church and special gatherings, but continuously. In the instances that believers are anxious to meet and experience the power of the living God. Most are fed up with a religion that only teaches ethics and moralizes. They want to move beyond the sterile rationalist expressions in the direction of experiencing the intimacy and immediacy that comes from the Holy Spirit. For which our generation and every generation dearly long. Realizing that real miracles of biblical magnitude can and do still happen, even in the lives of the unsure among us. In this practical book, Patrick writes the incredible biblical message of hope and transformation flowing out of a deep passion that will dramatically alter the lives of so many believers by showing the way to have an encounter with Christ Jesus. Evidently drawing from the period when the Holy Spirit ignited his heart.  Also, he uses his divine encounters as a powerful testimony to lead those whose heart stirs them to move beyond the trappings of religion to have consistent access and experience with the Presence of God.  Also, he desires to restore to the church the true knowledge of the often neglected and authentic personality of the Holy Spirit.   And empower those who have received Christ Jesus, to discover how the Holy Spirit become real in a very unusual way in their life.  
So you can encounter the supernatural and experience God in a fresh and new way.  As you read of his narrative in a series of visions and encounters, your life can be accelerated a thousand times through, understanding the mysterious personality and works of the Holy Spirit.
His purpose for this age.
Discovering your gifts and calling in the plan of God•Experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit in witnessing, teaching, trials, and weakness.
Getting immediate deliverance from false teachings. 
You need the Holy Spirit. Get ready to experience His presence and power like never before. 


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