OG SON OF FIRE - the Pre-historic adventures of Og


Irving Crump

Abela Publishing

OG SON OF FIRE - the Pre-historic adventures of Og - Bookrepublic

OG SON OF FIRE - the Pre-historic adventures of Og


Irving Crump

Abela Publishing


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This is a classic story of early mankind. Og is a boy living in prehistory at a time when fire is just starting to be used. This is a time when the battle with carnivorous beasts occurred on a daily basis and rival tribes fought each other for supremacy. Survival is a key element in this story which can be used to show young people just how fortunate they are that they don’t have to face such dangers on a daily basis.

Some of the 19 stories in this volume are: The Call of Cooked Meat, The Fire Demon, The Crack in the Earth, The First Camp Fire, In Which the Wolf Becomes Dog, At Bay With the Wolf Pack, Captive of the Tree People, The Python’s Coils.

The first stories of Og, a cave boy who lived half a million years ago, appeared on the pages of Boys' Life, the Boy Scout magazine, in December, 1921. They were written by Irving Crump [1887-1979], a writer and editor of Boys' Life, and in 1922 they were published as a book, "Og - Son of Fire."

A nation-wide radio show, "Og - Son of Fire" aired in 1934-35, hosted by Libby. It was originally aired by WBBM, Chicago and later by WABC, New York and then over  the CBS radio  network. It was accompanied by premiums and the publication of a Whitman "Big Little Book" in 1936 which was converted into a Dell comic in 1937.
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