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This book contains 2 guides, namely: 

Guide 1: Overweight, everyone knows the word and almost everyone hates it. There are so many different weight loss things out there that it can be hard to find one that actually works. Well look no farther, this book has tons of different tips and tricks to help you out and ones that can fit your lifestyle.
            This book will teach you problems, causes, sources -such as trans-fat-, and 21 health risks to steer clear of. Learn what the ten most common weight loss mistakes are, as well as what the worst myths are when it comes to weight loss.
            Diet, that word is one of the two that are used to describe the solution to being overweight, but did you know that if you do the wrong one for you then you could make the problem worse? Even find out what some great weight loss snacks are.
            Exercise, that is the other word used to describe the solution to being overweight. There are quite literally thousands of different exercises you can do, but this book can help you narrow it down to ones that are best suited for your situation.
            This book contains quite literally dozens of tips and methods from experts, so what are you waiting for? Start reading and start to shed those unwanted pounds!

Guide 2: Ah water, that precious gift that so many of us take for granted, forgetting how much it impacts our health if we don’t get enough. It may surprise you, but getting enough water everyday plays a big part in our weight. There have been countless studies on how our bodies use various liquids compared to water. Whether that be soda, alcohol, or chocolate milk. With this book you can learn about all this and more.
            Learn how much to drink. Learn when to drink. Learn SIXTEEN different ways to make it taste better! Learn how water interacts with different vitamins and minerals. Read about nine different ways in which sleep improves our health, along with thirteen techniques to help you get a better night’s sleep. Even how meditation helps with weight loss!
            This book also contains over 230 inspiring quotes on subjects ranging from the humorous, health, and success to doubt, hunger and worry. Read peoples motivational stories and over 50 weight loss affirmations.
            Read about how you can combat your stress with good nutrition. Learn how mindful eating can help with shedding those extra pounds. Read how to resist Food Temptation, as well as find out what the 18 “unhealthy” foods that are actually good for you are. Time to curl up in a cozy chair with a brand new that will change your life.


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