Man On Dog Sex 16-Pack


penelope liksit

Penelope Liksit

Man On Dog Sex 16-Pack - Bookrepublic

Man On Dog Sex 16-Pack


penelope liksit

Penelope Liksit


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All 16 man on dog sex tales from across my catalogue to date (4/6/20), brought together in one convenient bundle!
This will overlap with some other bundles.

Mistress Made Me Fuck Her Dog: Man On Dog Bestiality 1
I Fucked A Dog At The Bestiality Pride Parade: Man On Dog Bestiality 2
Mind Controlling Master And Making Him Fuck My Bitch Pussy: Man On Dog Bestiality 3
My Girlfriend Wouldn’t Put Out So I Fucked Her Dog Instead: Man On Dog Bestiality 4
Fucking The Tattoo Artist's Dog: Man On Dog Bestiality 5
My Fuck Buddy Took A Rain Check So I Went For A Walk In The Park And Screwed A German Shepherd In Front Of Its Owner: Man On Dog Bestiality 6
I fuck dogs with my twelve inch cock
I Smeared Dog Food All Over My Cock And Balls Then Got The Neighbour's Dog To Lick It Off
Doggy gangbang with five big black cocks
My dog licked my cock and rimmed my ass
My dog fucked my ass and I fucked his
Free use man on dog: Having sex with one dog and getting another to lick my penis
Free use man on dog: Using the peanut butter trick to get various dogs on the subway to lick my cock
Free use man on dog: I fucked an old lady’s dog in front of her then told her to suck my cock
Man on beast milking 1: Fucking my dog while she was pregnant then sucking the milk out of each of her ten teats one by one
Man on animal birthing: Breeding my bitch


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