PMA SOS Lesson 01-Definite Purpose


Dr. Robert C. Worstell , Napoleon Hill

Midwest Journal Press

PMA SOS Lesson 01-Definite Purpose - Bookrepublic

PMA SOS Lesson 01-Definite Purpose


Dr. Robert C. Worstell , Napoleon Hill

Midwest Journal Press


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For all the millions of copies of Napoleon Hill's works in reader's hands, it is claimed that he also owns wider anecdotal record of helping more people than any other to become millionaires in their own right.
His internationally-known books "Think and Grow Rich" as well as "The Law of Success" have set the standard for motivational literature against which all others are measured.
While he originally spent 20 years to distill a practical philosophy of personal achievement by interviewing over 500 movers-and-shakers of his day, Hill continued to refine these principles in light of the feedback from his many readers and students.
The 12 volumes of his "Law of Success" course expanded to 13 principles in "Think and Grow Rich", then were further refined and expanded to 17 core principles in later books.
This Science of Success Course is the highest refined statement of the Personal Achievement Philosophy.
Lost for years, we've recently uncovered the Science of Success student handbook and refined its text back to the original version as Hill personally taught it in the late 50's and early 60's.  
You'll see in these 17 lesson books where he's taken the four decades of life experience after his first bestseller and expanded his material to bring new understanding to anyone who has ever read his first or second bestsellers. These lessons now simplify the language as well as the ideals behind them, to streamline your learning experience and application.
In short, you can be more successful than ever before - and become whatever you want to be while achieving whatever you want to have. You can get everything you want out of life. You can live to your fullest potential.
All you have to do is to study and apply each lesson in order.
There are truly no limits except what you accept for yourself.
Any personal goals of health, wealth, and happiness can be attained - provided you study, understand, and apply what you read here.
From the Author:
In looking back over the more than forty years since I first interviewed Andrew Carnegie, it is exceedingly difficult for me to select the men and women who have played the most important parts in the development of The Science of Success.
Andrew Carnegie has first place on my list of those to whom I owe enduring gratitude, because it was he who originated the idea of giving to posterity the know how by which successful men have attained success, and it was he who sponsored my research when I was organizing the data which was needed for The Science of Success. Although Andrew Carnegie did not live to see the completion of the work he inspired, his influence goes on to benefit millions of people not yet born. In preparing these lessons, I interviewed, visited and collaborated with more than 500 famous men and women who have boldly written their names across the pages of history. I wish to express my deepest admiration for the persons discussed on the following pages. They have impressed me more strongly than mere words can tell, and have contributed more to this work than I can state. I regret that I have had to limit my writing to the highlights of their illustrious careers.
There are many additional men and women of achievement whom I should have indeed liked to include, had my space not been so limited.
May it always remain steadfast in. the hearts and minds of all who are here to read: Whatever the mind of man can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE, the mind of man can ACHIEVE!
Nature yields her most profound secrets to the person who is determined to uncover them.
Napoleon Hill 
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