Mystery Man: Angel In Disguise


LaTosha McCauley

Lot's Cave, Inc.

Mystery Man: Angel In Disguise - Bookrepublic

Mystery Man: Angel In Disguise


LaTosha McCauley

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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Sex. Love. Romance. Drama. Action. Suspense. Thrills. This book has it all, I promise. Follow along with LaTesha as she stumbles her way in and out of trouble. From desk work to toe tags, she's faced with obstacles that are so brutal at times that it seems like only the act of God can save her... Or maybe an angel. Will you be able to solve the mystery?

I hear the door open slowly. I don’t turn around. I can tell by his cologne that it’s him. It’s pitch black dark. The only light in the room comes from the flames of my candles dancing on the walls. He always comes over this time of night and I’m not sure why. I don’t care why honestly, as long as he comes.

I’m staring out of the window. Light raindrops tap against the glass. I didn’t know it was supposed to rain, I think quickly, but the sounds of his footsteps growing closer puts my attention back on him. It shouldn’t surprise me that it’s raining. He always makes it wet.

I feel his breath on my neck, followed by his lips pressing softly against my earlobe. He doesn’t say a word. He never does.

He wraps his strong arms around my waist, sliding his hand down the front of my black, laced underwear. He tugs lightly on my landing strip, using the other hand to slowly slip my pantie over my hips. I let out a low moan as his hand slides down further, allowing his fingertips to greet my clit. She’s throbbing and anticipating his touch. It’s been eight days since I’ve last felt him. He’s usually not away this long.

His middle finger dances with her in circular motions, causing my knees to buckle. I place my hands on the window pane for extra leverage. He moves his finger faster as I begin to rock with the motions of his hand. My face presses against the cold window glass. My hands are no longer providing me with the leverage that I need. I’m about to cum.

“I’m close,” I moan out as my breath fogs the window. He presses his body firmly against mine, the coolness of his belt buckle resting on top of my ass. I can feel how hard his dick is through his black jeans. I am overly ready to please him. My mouth begins to water.

His fondling slows as he squats down behind me. He releases her and grabs my panty's with both hands. He yanks them the rest of the way down with one swift pull. His hands grab my ass cheeks firmly and he squeezes them. He bites my left cheek, followed by a few slow licks and suctioned kisses. The feeling of his warm tongue makes my body jump. He removes his mouth and smacks my ass. It jiggles with pleasure. He turns his attention to the right cheek and does the same. I wince from the bite. He spreads my legs slightly as his kisses move inward. I arch my back with anticipation. He hesitates for a second to let the moment register. I hate his dramatic pauses, they are like torture for me. I think that’s why he does it. He loves it when I beg.

He spreads my cheeks and hesitates once more. My frustration grows but I remain calm. He blows down my crack towards my vaginal opening. I jump from the momentary cooling of my juices. He hesitates again. I can’t take it anymore.


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