Computer Programming Fundamentals


A. B. Lawal

A. B. Lawal

Computer Programming Fundamentals - Bookrepublic

Computer Programming Fundamentals


A. B. Lawal

A. B. Lawal


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You're about to lay your hands on my most proudly computer programming fundamental course. This is where to begin if you've never written a line of code in your life or even if you have, and want to review the basics. No matter what programming language you're most interested in, even if you're not completely sure about that, this course will make learning that language easier.

We'll do this by starting with the most fundamental critical questions: How do you actually write a computer program and get the computer to understand it?

We'll jump into the syntax, the rules of programming languages and see many different examples to get the big picture of how we need to think about data and control the way our programs flow.

We'll even cover complex topics like recursion and data types. We will finish by exploring things that make real world programming easier, from libraries and frameworks to SDKs and APIs. But you won't find a lot of bullet points in this book. This is a highly visual course, and by the end of it, you'll understand much more about the process of programming and how to move forward with writing any kind of application.

But unlike most courses, this one does not require prior knowledge of any one programming language, operating system or application. There is nothing to download, nothing to install. So just give me your attention as you go through the course.

Finally, you will know how to choose the right programming language for YOU. There are so many Programming languages out there these days but in this book I show you how to choose the language that meets your specific needs, so that you can save time and energy. With my honest advice, you can not make a wrong choice.


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