Getting Caught!


Kit Snowy

Lot's Cave, Inc.

Getting Caught! - Bookrepublic

Getting Caught!


Kit Snowy

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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Buster is at it again! He gets his sexual attention from his favorite human Kit. But this time, they get caught in the act! Join in on this fun tale of Buster's humans having fun too.

Kit giggled as the tongue moved over her cheeks and lips. She still thrusted against Buster’s body and felt that hard cock deep inside her wet pussy. She moaned a small orgasm rushed through her. Her juices flowed out of her body and onto the dog’s cock.

Buster thrusted as fast as his big body could go. He could feel himself start to feel ready to cum. The wet juices helped Buster to move in and out in smoothly. It wouldn’t be long now for Buster.

Kit knew that Buster would soon be cuming, so she put her finger back onto her clit and rubbed it with her finger. She thrusted faster against Buster’s cock. The cock moved deep and hard inside the dripping pussy.

Buster thrusted a few more times and then jerked his cock all the way into the human hole. His juices flowed out of him and into the human. He licked Kit some more in the face. He still stood over top of Kit.

Kit felt herself cum a little bit more. She felt partly satisfied. She knew she would be okay for now. Kit knew that Buster would make her cum some more later on in the day.
Louis felt happy to be home. His friend, Lenny, wanted him to stay for a few nights. But now, Louis could enjoy being at home without his mom there. He could party! As Louis headed upstairs, he heard moaning. So, he wanted to know what was going on. He heard the moaning from the guest bedroom. Peeking in, Louis’s mouth dropped open. On the bed was a strange woman and his dog on top of her! What the fuck? Louis thought as he headed closer to the bed area. He could see his dog thrust against the human and then just stand there over top of the human.

“What in god’s name is going on?” Louis yelled out.

Kit heard a male’s voice and thought, Oh shit! The son just got home, and she just got caught! She didn’t know what to say. She felt speechless. What would she even say?

“Buster, down!” Louis yelled. He pointed to the floor with his thin finger.

Buster didn’t like being yelled at. He looked over at his other human owner. Buster did not move off Kit and he just started to whine. He didn’t want to leave the gal’s side.
“Buster, I said, down!”

Buster just whined some more. So, Louis shook his head. He moved over to the bed and grabbed at his dog’s collar. Louis pulled gently.

“I said, down, Buster!” Louis yelled once again.

Finally, Buster left the bed and walked out of the room. He headed downstairs and got a drink of water. After that, he headed to the couch and got up onto it. He laid down and fell asleep soon afterwards. Sleeping would pass the time by for Buster until he could see the gal once again.

“So, did you enjoy my dog?” Louis asked as he headed over to the stranger.

“I-I” Kit started to say.

Louis reached down to the vagina and inserted his fingers. He could feel his dog’s and her juices inside. He shook his head at the stranger. “So, should I call my mom and tell her to come home? I could get her to fire you at work and get you in trouble with this situation. Or will you be a good girl and do what I want?"


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