Compulsive Lying In Relationships


David Joseph


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Compulsive Lying In Relationships


David Joseph



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`The habit of lying is a toxic practice that can eventually break down a strong relationship. Healthy and vibrant relationships are built on honesty. No relationship can survive, let alone thrive, without openness and integrity. Relationships that are healthy, cheerful and balanced are characterized by real people who are in touch with their authentic selves. It is hard to give what you don’t have; honesty begins with you. If you expect the trust of someone, you must come clean and demonstrate honesty and integrity from the beginning and maintain it throughout the entire relationship.  
When trust is lost in a relationship, it gives way for distrust and misunderstanding. Deceit can be one of the quickest ways to strip that needed trust from a relationship. It is a common problem with many people nowadays affecting their happiness and choices. The potential damage and complications that surround lying are things to consider when telling lies. For a relationship to work there should be a balance of effort from both parties; they must give an equal commitment to it. This balance of effort creates the feeling of trust and understanding that strengthened a relationship. On the other hand, lying disturbs the flow of this natural equilibrium and causes an imbalance in the relationship. For the victim of a lie, the experience can be devastating and make them feel as though they have put their all their heart on the line, only to be disappointed by a deceptive partner. Lies told in close relationships will cause a great deal of pain, heartache, and undermine the intimacy and ties you have with your partner.
This book offers a sound and reliable roadmap to building trust and emotional intimacy in a relationship. You will learn about what you can do to promote an atmosphere of honesty around you and generate a steady flow of trust in your relationship.


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