Law of Attraction


Jenny Hashkins

Self Publisher

Law of Attraction - Bookrepublic

Law of Attraction


Jenny Hashkins

Self Publisher


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You are getting a great deal, because this title contains 2 separate books, both about the law of attraction, but with different pieces of information in them. These are the books:

Book 1: The energy from the universe emanates through space and helps us send out vibrations, only to receive back what is in our inner desires. I know that sounds like a complicated sentence, but that basically sums up the law of attraction. To understand this more fully, we have to understand those concepts separately: Vibrations, energy, mindfulness to receive the things we want. All those things are related to each other.

One way in which people increase their chances to receive their desires, is by using hypnosis or self-hypnosis. These practices have been tested and often underestimated by the masses. But they can work in a person’s favor, especially if that person is committed to changing his or her life.

Morning routines are another element of having success. Many people start out the day wrong, and then don’t end up where they want to be. By starting each day with a well-thought-out ritual, you can make those changes in your life.

Book 2: When it comes to the law of attraction, it’s important to recognize that our minds and bodies are connected. Our thoughts determine our actions, which determine our results in life. Different things to manifest need different attitudes and actions.
Here, you will find some specific charges for manifestation power, to manifest your true love, a better job, and yes, even your dream car. Many of these things are possible to the dreamers and the doers.


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