Cracks on the Wall


Sampson E Ajah

Rhyce Kerex Publishers

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Cracks on the Wall


Sampson E Ajah

Rhyce Kerex Publishers


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Cracks on the Wall satirises a contemporary African society wherein lie rich culture and tradition. However, cracks in almost all facets of the society-education, politics, tradition and culture among others are depriving average Africans of the benefits. The book is aimed at calling the attention of the young adults to the decay and the consequences of playing along.
"Let me tell you, when a cunning man dies, another cunning man would bury him.’
‘My father, please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not trying to shy away from my responsibility. But it is said that a snake seen by only one man, appears like a python to him. I know I owe you a lot, I shall reward you.’
‘Indeed, you shall reward me with my goat. I see. However, I would have given you one but my daughter shall be given in marriage soon. According to the custom, my in-law will take one. For the rest…, in fact, I’m not sure I can help.’
There is a lot to learn from the teacher-student relationship.
"What sorts of students are these, she thought. Her mind quickly travelled back to her undergraduate days, especially her romance with the head of department. If not for the relationship between her and the man, she might not have graduated at the expected time. She might have carried over two courses as usual but the departmental head influenced the lecturers and now she is earning her beautiful salary. For Chika, the end justifies the means. However, she was not happy with these two students. She thought the boy was immature and dependent - still under the tutelage of his parents and so, could not even cater for himself let alone another person; a girl of her status for that matter. Her unclear conscience, however could not allow her go further in restricting the offenders…“
And the book was summarized in this paragraph:
"Umah was thrown off balance. Cracks have developed on the walls of his family, ever since his ill-fated contact with the fetish priest. Just like cracks on the wall of a building which make it prone to fall as well as hide lizard, snake, wall gecko and many more, any cracks in the society, if left unattended, could give birth to unpredictable circumstances"
From scholars:
"The story is well told, very thrilling, illuminating and laced with well-crafted prose. It takes one back home, reminiscent of rustic life in the village"
- Dr. Nwoba Hyacinth A, PhD
“I enjoyed this book because it was entertaining, the story was full of lessons on the necessity to avoid cracks in our home, in our educational system, religion, politics, our culture and tradition and on our health system. It also has more than enough action to keep my attention span. Therefore, I found this book to be very well thought out and well written. The writer finely drew the character that pulls readers loyalties in different directions. This work of fiction confirms the author’s exceptional gifts.
One of my favourite parts was when Umah did not sleep waiting for the second cock crow in the morning to catch the person that bewitched the wife as instructed by the native doctor.”
-Dr. Ogodo J. O, PhD
“Cracks on the Wall is a captivating story. It is highly didactic and has a good ending. The conclusive part is relieving and has succeeded in dowsing the suspense.”
-Okafor Uchenna, MA, English
“The book is highly recommended… It is a piece of literary genre that will enhance their creativity and English Language and Literature studies”
-Ikechukwu Kingsley Agu, PhD




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