Daddy and His Friends


Sable Collins

Lot's Cave, Inc.

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Daddy and His Friends


Sable Collins

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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Dan had everything a guy could wish for. He was married to a beautiful woman, had a great job, a lovely home, and a wide social circle. The only cloud on his horizon was his stepdaughter, Clara. A rebellious child, she was now an equally rebellious, gorgeous young woman. But although she was a bit of a tearaway, Dan thought he could handle her. That is, until football night with the guys.

I don’t know if Clara had ever sucked cock before then, but if she hadn’t, she was a natural. I watched in awe of her as her slick lips bobbed up and down on Brett’s cock, and by the look on his face, she was pretty fucking good at it. She was getting into it, stroking his balls and taking his fat cock right back into her throat. As she took him in, I watched her cheek bulge and that made me even hornier.

She must have sensed that I was watching her because she looked up at me, and I saw that cheeky look in her eye, only this time there was lust mingled in with her expression too. She pulled off Brett’s cock again, gasping, wiping her lips and then, she slid off his lap and crawled on her hands and knees over to me, kneeling at my feet, looking up at me.

I closed my eyes. I couldn’t do this. It was wrong. But as I tried to find the words to say it, I felt her fingers working at my pants. I felt her fingers slipping inside and then, there was a thrill, like a spark of electricity as she touched my throbbing cock. As I looked down, I saw her pull out my cock and give a little gasp before plunging her sweet little mouth over it.

I felt the most incredible pleasure wash through me as my stunning stepdaughter began to take my throbbing cock deep into her mouth, flicking her tongue over my head, squeezing my balls, and I pretty soon lost all of my doubts and hang ups. I didn’t care. I wanted this. I held her head, pushing her against me until she gagged and then, when she pulled away, I pushed her back onto me.


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