A Mother's Lust


Mona Lovegood

Lot's Cave, Inc.

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A Mother's Lust


Mona Lovegood

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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Missy had always enjoyed looking at her virgin college-bound son’s body, especially as Alex bloomed into a hot young stud. When he returns home from college after his first quarter away, she realizes how much he’s grown and finds herself doing the unthinkable: fantasizing about having sex with him. Horny and filled with lust, she gives into her carnal desires and seduces him, giving him what she’d only ever offered up to his father before.

I turned to face him, momentarily splashing him with water from the shower, his hands dropping away from my ass. I was in full view to him now, just as he was to me, and he wasn’t trying to avert his eyes this time.
“It’s okay, baby. It’s just a body.”
“It’s your body. My mom’s body.”
“And what do you think about this body? Your mom’s body?”
His erect, uncircumcised cock already betrayed any answer he would give.
“It’s an amazing body.”
“Yeah. I’ve always loved your body. You’ve always been hot. All my friends used to say that too. That they wanted to…”
“Fuck me?”
“Yeah. Fuck you. You were a total MILF to them.”
“But to you I was just mom?”
“Um. Yeah”. That silence was telling. He looked away.
“Alex,” I said, reaching a hand to his face. “Did you think about me like your friends did?”
“It’s a simple question.”
He blushed. Actually blushed. I thought he would pull away from me.
“Yes,” he admitted.
“See, was that so hard to admit? So you thought about me?”
I took his hands in mine and looked at his face. “Were you doing anything while you thought about me being a MILF?”
A pause. “Yes.”
“And what was that?” I asked, purring.
He looked away.
“Alex, did you masturbate while thinking about me?”
He tried pulling his hands from mine, but although he was strong, I held them in my grip, stopping him in his tracks.
“Fuck, shit,” he sighed, his arms relaxing. “Yes. I did.”
I liked that. I like it a helluva lot.


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