Dark Psychology


Amanda Grapes

Self Publisher

Dark Psychology - Bookrepublic

Dark Psychology


Amanda Grapes

Self Publisher


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There are four books in this combo, which are the following:

Book 1: Psychopaths and sociopaths are everywhere in our society. You may not realize it, but they are out there. Chances are that you know someone who is a sociopath and you don’t even know it.

So what is the difference?
How do they compare?
And are they all dangerous?

Aside from answering these questions, we will also look into other topics that are related to manipulation. For example, we’ll go deeper into how to see if someone is manipulating you, or which sales tactics people use to make you buy something. All of these things will be helpful as you try to get a better grasp of the human psyche.

Book 2: Some people will do everything they can to manipulate another person. Some of those people are even dangerous. In this guide, you will discover how the craziest serial killers have managed to get away with their horrific crimes. You will also learn secret strategies to outsmart manipulators, so that you will not become the next victim.

Book 3: We don’t always talk about some of the darker sides of human psychology, but they are out there. The simple truth is that just because you don’t focus on something, doesn’t mean it’s not real.

On that note, this book discussed topics such as blackmail, manipulation, and sadism. Some people have been hurt so much that all they want, is to see the world burn. They don’t care about others, and they just use them as tools to get what they want.

Book 4: In this book, you will find various sub-topics, which are related to the following:

- Influencing others in both good and bad ways.
- Sex trafficking and the insidious methods the perpetrators use to lure in victims.
- Paranoia; its psychology, effects on someone’s life, and more.

With these three topics, you will get a better understanding of human psychology. The evil that lurks within us, can be triggered by anything if we are not careful.


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