Dads and Daughters Incest Tales


A.J. Mayes

Lot's Cave, Inc.

Dads and Daughters Incest Tales - Bookrepublic

Dads and Daughters Incest Tales


A.J. Mayes

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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A wild three-pack of taboo daddy/daughter incest tales. Their hormones raging out of control, three young daughters seduce their dads, and the incest begins early in each story.
These tales feature Jill, a girl home on summer break, Elle, a girl who catches her dad fucking the neighbors wife, and Parker, a girl on a trip with her dad. Come join them on their uninhibited journey into the world of incest.

“I thought you were in bed, Tay.”

“I couldn’t sleep. And damnit, firecracker. I’m your father. Call me dad.”

“Nope. I’m a woman now. Get over it.”

“Shit. Okay. You can call me Taylor.” He picked up a glass and drained the contents. “Please. Pour me another bourbon, and get one for you, too.”

“Sure.” She took the glass, moved to a table, and picking up a bottle, refilled it. Pouring another glass, she padded back and handed him his. “Here you go, handsome.”

“Thanks. You think I’m handsome?”

“Get a clue, Tay. You’re a total stud muffin. All my girlfriends drool whenever they see you. And so, do I.”

“Again, with the Tay? Shit. I can’t win. Call me what you want. The water’s perfect. Lose the robe, and join me.”

“Love to. But I warn you, I’m not wearing anything under the robe.”

“Fine by me, firecracker. Part of the fun of hot tubs is being naked. But maybe you don’t want to show your old man your hot body.”

“Are you daring me? You know the last thing I am is shy.”

“Tell me about it.” He gazed into her eyes. “Lose the robe.”

Her pulse spiking, she set her drink down and untied the robe’s sash. She pinched her aroused nipples even more erect, let the silk fall to the deck, and stared him down. “Like what you see?”

“Shit.” His eyes roamed over her ample breasts, uncommonly long legs, and hourglass curves. “Jesus. You could be a model for Playboy. You shave your pussy.”
“Yep. I like it smooth.” She turned and looked back. “How’s my tight ass?”

“Fuck me.”

“Anytime, Tay.”

“Fuck. Maybe you shouldn’t join me. You made my dick hard.”

“God, I hope so. I intended to.” She stepped into the hot tub, sat across from him, and leaning back, took a sip of bourbon. With the tub’s jets brushing her skin, she looked at him, her lips curling into a sly grin. “I showed you mine, show me yours.”

“No. I’m your dad, and this is already getting out of hand, firecracker.”

“Don’t be such a chickenshit. Show me your dick, mister. Now.”

“Shit. Okay. It’s kinda big. Don’t pass out.”

He drained half of his bourbon and slowly rose. She held her breath, and seeing his turgid erection rise above the surface, licked her lips while her heart stuttered then raced. “Oh, my God.”

Her eyes locked on his steel, she moved to him and licked the head. He pushed her away. “Stop, firecracker. We can’t. This is incest.”

“Like I care. I want you, daddy. And I see how you look at me whenever we’re together. C’mon. Admit it. You want me, too.”

“Maybe I do want you, but that doesn’t change anything. I’m not having sex with my daughter.”

“Really?” She reached out, wrapping fingers around his thick shaft while her other hand cupped his balls. “Your dick disagrees.


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