Unbelievable 2


Damien Sol

Lot's Cave, Inc.

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Unbelievable 2


Damien Sol

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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John Masters has had a very, very hard life, or what he can remember of it. What is he to do when all he really remembers is the horror of the ward that he was placed in. How can he live with the grief of living every day without Julia? The one person that helped him when his own parents wouldn't listen. Yet now? John knows he can no hope to have a normal life as he enters a episode while at his families lake house.

“Oh god John!” Katherine howled as he reached her husband’s length. She didn’t know if she would be able to handle all of him. “Oh fuck! That’s a very big cock!” she growled as she rubbed her clit to produce some extra lubrication. Her thighs trembled as John inched into unexplored territory. “Oh fuck me! I’m going to…” Her body convulsed as she came upon her son’s cock.

“Wow! I’ve never seen that before,” Ruth said in shock, as she noted Katherine’s pussy cream coating John’s cock.

“Did I do something wrong?!” Johnny asked, unsure if he was doing it right.

“Oh Johnny, no, no, you’ve done nothing wrong,” Wanda said, caressing his right cheek as she brought his attention to her. “What you’re seeing is a woman cumming having been touched by her first big cock,” she said, lovingly. “She still has an inch and a half to go, why don’t you thrust the last of it in?”

“John!” Katherine howled as the entirety of her son’s cock sat within her cunt. “Oh shit, oh shit… It’s so big!” she muttered aloud. Feeling her pussy squeezing and relaxing around his tool growing accustomed to its size.

“Now slowly withdraw from her,” Ruth said, guiding him. Listening to how Katherine whimpered as John’s length slowly inched out of her. “Now thrust hard into her, it’s okay, she can take it.”

“Yes, I can, fuck me baby. Fuck me hard,” Katherine begged with ravenous eyes after feeling what his cock felt like so deep within her. She had heard the stories about how good it could feel. She’s always been content with Brandan’s and her sons’ manhoods. However now, she knew she would become addicted to John’s cock.

“Just do what you did going in but in a rapid motion,” Annie said, rubbing his back.

“Oh Fuck! Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s it John, fuck your mother!” Katherine growled as John pumped his rod, while inexperienced, like a piston into her cunt. Her mouth flew open, her breath was caught in her chest, as her womb flared off another orgasm. “Oh shit! Yes!” Feeling her juices gushing out from around John’s cock. Not realizing she’s been calling him by his given name.

“Damn Mom, that’s two in less than five minutes.”

“It’s a very big cock,” Katherine said dreamily, as she smiled at her daughter. “I love it, don’t you like mama’s pussy Johnny?”

“It’s… yes, I do,” Johnny said, truthfully. Unable to retreat as Annie blocked his escape as his mother rapidly sat up.

“Oh Johnny! You don’t know how happy I am to hear that. How it makes me feel to know that my pussy can please you,” Katherine cooed lovingly as her hands caressed his face. Her fingers danced down his spine as her blue eyes stared into his before her hands grabbed hold of his ass cheeks. Slowly pumping his hips into her wet cunt. “God, you feel so good. Don’t you like it when I cum on it?” Katherine asked, in a heated breath.


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