Quarantined In Regal Bay


K.W. Steiner

Lot's Cave, Inc.

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Quarantined In Regal Bay


K.W. Steiner

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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When the Pandemic of 2020 hit, Arthur and Wendy Simpson were trapped in a stagnant marriage. Four months of forced separation changed both in ways they’d never imagined. For Arthur it was succumbing to the incestuous sexual desires of his two daughters and pregnant niece. For Wendy it was submitting to the carnal desires of the horny young doctors, and releasing the insatiable sexual creature she always suspected was inside her.

“These last few nights have been really something,” Wendy whispered. “I’ve missed this level of passion in our love-making, Arthur.”

“I’d hate to think that it took a world-wide pandemic of epic proportions for us to rekindle our sex life. But it did, and I’m not going to deny it.” He gave the top of her head a kiss then, and after a moment, he added, “Of course, knowing that my wife was the object of so many men’s sexual desires, well, that sort of got to me as well.”

“I’m happy that I told you, dear, and that you understand.” She pushed up enough to look at his face. With a sly grin on her face, she said, “And I’m happy that you admitted to me what you and our daughters were doing while I was away. It took me a while to accept it, but after talking with both Kerry and Tracy, I fully understand that they took advantage of you, and not the other way around.” She laid back into his shoulder before adding, “I am surprised that you fucked Marcia. I don’t remember you being all that attracted to me when I was pregnant.”

Arthur shrugged. “I guess we’ve all been affected in one way or another by this pandemic.” He felt his wife’s hand slip to his groin then, and her fingers wrapped around his rejuvenated member.

Wendy purred a moment later, “Arthur. Tell me again about what you and Tracy did on camera, for all of those perverts to watch.” She had started to get a rise out of his cock yet again. Slowly, she worked her husband over with her light touch as he retold the story. It wasn’t long before he was again ripe and ready for her.

Wendy chuckled and said, “Evidently, talking about our shared infidelities has affected you in a very pleasant way.” Wendy threw her leg across her husband’s hips and guided him back into her hungry pussy.


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