Emery's Secret Incest


A.J. Mayes

Lot's Cave, Inc.

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Emery's Secret Incest


A.J. Mayes

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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Emery is an insatiable mom in crisis. She needs men and doesn’t care her son is home from college. One night, her handsome son, Quinn, confronts her as she escorts a lover out. He forces her over his knees and savagely spanks her. The punishment causing her need for greater pain spiral, she enters the world of incest. Her lust unchallenged, her sex drive explodes. Come with her into the world of decadence.

She closed the door and flinched when she heard a voice behind her. “You’re a slut, mom. That’s the third guy I watched you fuck in three days. That’s how long I’ve been home.”

Her heart stopped. Oh, my God. Quinn caught me. Fuck. She took a breath, slowly turned, and eyes piercing the soft luminescence, saw her son naked, a hand stroking his enormous cock. Mesmerized by its size, she licked her lips as blood rushed to her face. “Sorry, Quinn. I’m having a mid-life crisis. Since your dad died...

“What? You became a whore? Get over it. He died five years ago.”

“I-I have needs.”

“Okay. Find a boyfriend. It’s dangerous picking up men all the time.”

“I know, son. Don’t hate me.” Her eyes locked on his cock. “I’m addicted to sex. I can’t stop myself.”

“I don’t hate you. But if I were your parent, I’d spank some sense into you.”

Her heart stuttered then raced as lust took control. “Maybe you should, son.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah. I’m hoping the humiliation of my son spanking my butt will teach me a lesson.”

“Okay, mom.” Quinn moved into the living room, sitting in the middle of a large leather couch. “Lose the robe and crawl on my lap.”

“Son, I’m naked underneath.”

“You show other men your body ... show me.”

She swallowed hard and quickly untied the sash, letting the silk slide to the floor. She watched his eyes roam over her body, his hand wrapped around his cock. “Like what you see, Quinn?”

“I’m a man. You’re fucking hot. Yeah, I like what I see.” He took a breath. “Mom, I’m going to fuck you. Understand?”

“I’m going straight to Hell. I want you to but spank me first. Pain makes me scream when I come.”

“I know. I watched. Remember?”

“Shit. I forgot.” She moved to the couch and lay across his legs, her left hip touching his cock. “Don’t hold back. I’m a bad girl. I deserve it.”

“Yes, you do, slut.”

On fire, she held her breath and hopped on an eighteen-wheeler heading down the lonely highway to ruin. A loud thwack filled her ears as his open hand slammed into her round cheeks, followed by the pain, she desperately needed, radiating straight to her sex. She exhaled sharply when his hand connected again, and arched her ass, ready for more. Trembling, she gasped as another thwack reached her ears. “God, yes. Spank me harder, son. And please, call me bad names.”


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