Palmer's Incest


A.J. Mayes

Lot's Cave, Inc.

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Palmer's Incest


A.J. Mayes

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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Her eyes glued on the two young Greek Gods roughhousing in her pool, the luminescence of a full moon glistening on their ripped muscles, Palmer felt her temperature rise. Tired of fighting her moral compass she sensed her carnal desires were about to end the battle. Frustrated, she shook her head and muttered, “Fuck. I’m in deep shit trouble here. Join Palmer as she seduces her son and his best friend.

“Oh, boys, I have beers.” Seeing two sets of eyes fly wide, then narrow as they roamed her breasts, barely contained by scraps of spandex, her lips curled into a sly smile. What? You haven’t seen a cougar on the prowl before?”

“Jesus, mom. Always thought you were beautiful. But, when did you get so hot?”

“About sixteen. Caused your grandparents a lot of sleepless nights. God rest their souls.” She looked at Mark and licked her lips. “A cat get your tongue? Think I’m hot?”

“You’re smoking.”

“Shut up, bro. That’s my mom.”

“Hey, man. She asked. It’s not my fault; she’s the hottest woman on the planet.”

“Fuck you.” Baker grinned at her. “Okay, mom, I agree with my dip shit buddy.”

“That makes me happy, son.” She leaned over, giving the boys a good look while she handed them bottles. “Wanna see the rest of my bikini?”

“Oh, yeah.”

Baker punched Mark’s arm and glanced at Palmer. “Tell me you’re not wearing a thong.”

“Maybe. You gotta ask to find out.”

“C’mon, man. Ask. Your mom already looks hotter than any of the girls on campus, even the cheerleaders we fuck after games.”

“You think I don’t know that? Shit. Show us, mom.”

Palmer swallowed half of her beer, set the bottle on the deck, and turning, leaned over as she slowly pushed the cutoffs down her legs. Hearing the men suck in breaths, she felt juices seeping from her sex. “Like my ass?”

“It’s perfect. And your legs, my God, Palmer. They’re perfect too.”


“What do you want me to say?”

“Tell me the truth. Don’t be shy.”

Blood rushed to his face. “Okay, mom. You fucking made my dick hard. Hope you’re happy.”

“I am. Anything else you wanna say?”

“Yeah.” Baker eyed her bikini. “Why’d you wear anything at all?”

“You make a valid point, son.” She untied the thin straps, wetting her lips as the fabric floated to the deck. “I showed you mine, boys ... show me yours.”

“Shit. Are you serious, mom?”

“As a heart attack.”

She kicked her heels off, and walking down steps into the pool, waded through cool water to Baker. Her skin hot enough to boil water, she pulled him close, her lips touching his as she pushed her pussy against his erection. “I need this, son. Don’t hate me.”

“Never happen. I love you, mom. But Mark’s here.”

She pressed her lips over his, probing his mouth while she rubbed his erection. “I need two men, baby. I hide it well, but your mom’s a cock slut.”
“Shit. Anything you want, mom.”

“I’m gonna fuck you so good, you’ll swear off girls.” She moved to Mark, and running a hand over his smooth head, kissed him deeply. “I love fucking black men. You in?”


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