My Tail For Two Brothers


Randy Reads

Lot's Cave, Inc.

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My Tail For Two Brothers


Randy Reads

Lot's Cave, Inc.


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Ever look at your life, good as it is, and wish you could go back and make a second choice, have both realities come true? my husband’s brother came to live with us after his injury in the military. He was my first crush and that crush hasn’t ever gone away. I can tell you he’s still as ripped and sexy as I remember. Maybe it’s time to see if swinging is still on my husbands mind. In the end the surprise will be on me!

Laying and recovering from one of the best fucks of my life I saw my husband at the door. He had his cock in his hand. My brother in law was kissing my neck and breasts and I felt so sexy, two men, brothers wanting me, fucking me.

"I told you she was a good fuck," said Steven.

"That's an understatement," Neil said.

Wait, what was happening?

"What are you two talking about?" I asked. I noticed that Neil was still hard.

"Neil and I talked," Steven said. "He told me days ago he had dreams about you and that he had feelings for you. In fact, I guess after the accident, he would forget Jane's name and call her by yours when they had sex. That's the main reason they divorced."

My mouth hung open. I was played all this time. I wanted to be pissed off but all I could feel is love for them both.

"Come over here, you asshole," I said. "I should make you eat me."

"No way," Steven quickly responded.

"Then come over here and fuck me," I said. “I have a little something I want to do.”

I pushed Neil over on his back and guided his cock into me. “Now grab my ass and give Steven a little access, OK.”

I knew that as wet as I was with his brother's cum and how Neil pounded me, I would not feel him in my pussy. I patted my ass and invited Steven to fuck my ass. I turned back and kissed his brother again. “Now that I’ve had you again. I’m never letting you go again. I love you so much.”

They both came within a few minutes. We fucked for a while longer and then I spent most of the day soaking my ass and pussy in the hot tub, that is when they weren't filling me up with one way or the other.


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