Power Tools of Communication - Empower Remote Work Culture Productivity


Renee Gade

Publisher s21598

Power Tools of  Communication - Empower Remote Work Culture  Productivity - Bookrepublic

Power Tools of Communication - Empower Remote Work Culture Productivity


Renee Gade

Publisher s21598


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Building a  remote work culture  are physically distanced and is challenging  , but now  with the  Covid 19 situation  ,  the need is even greater  and more relevant when   interactions are very much restricted  to build culture of communication  between colleagues or working associates  .
When a corporate has to   lives up to its core values, its culture will transform employees into advocates, enrich their  mottos , and ensure the company retains its top talent
A growing number of companies around the world now accept remote working contracts and allow their employees to work remotely. Some of the reasons that facilitate this is:

  • The improved internet speeds all around the world
  • The appearance of Coworking spaces that can be leased for shorter time periods without having to have a physical office of their own
  • The abundance of project management, task management and time management apps that can be used to monitor and coordinate work amongst teams and individuals
  • The availability of hardware and software solutions to ensure smooth communication across the globe
  • Businesses are able to expand their talent pool and retain employees at a higher rate. Employees are happier and satisfied being able to work in an environment they prefer and choose their own timing.
Even if you’re a Corporate remote worker (employed by a company , but works from home), a Gig Freelancer (employed but contract jobs that can be performed remotely) or an Entrepreneur / Startup owner (who own a business or a startup venture),  implementing   the right  aspects of appropriate :
“Power Tools of  Communication -  Empower Remote Work Culture  Productivity  “  concept ,  is vital information and not applying  the  proper methods  will be  critical to your business when setting up your remote operations.
How do you identify what type of information you need to share or have access to while working from home?
There are a few questions that you should be asking yourself so that you’re well prepared for most of the contingencies that you may face as a remote worker.
Working  culture can evolve organically through team activities, collaboration, and  sharing   of experiences. The amount of   time ,  employees   spend together gives them a sense of purpose and belonging  .When building a remote team, you’ll need to  unlearn  and relearn   all processes, from recruiting,  mode of   communication  , career opportunities   and performance reviews,  to collaboration,  appraisals  tools, and project management


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